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Former Bathhouse Becomes the Latest Ritzy Hotel May 31, 2011

Anyone of my readers from the Portland area knows about McMenamins (or at least I assume they do as it is a well established institution in the Portland area).  They make a habit of buying old historic properties around the area and refurbishing them into hotel/resorts, pubs, theaters and restaurants.  They have a great happy hour at the pubs where you can get a $4 cheese burger w/fries w/a $2 min. drink purchase.  Their specialty burgers are fun and I have heard their house ales are excellent*.
Anyway, they recently opened their latest über chic hotel located in the heart of down town Portland, just off the Pearl District.  I wouldn’t be bringing this up at all if not for the fact that this new hotel, The Crystal Hotel (to go w/the Crystal Ballroom) is a former gay bath house and the area that it is located in what used to be known as the ‘gay triangle’ (or in some cases ‘Vaseline Alley’).  It was called this due to the fact that most of the down town gay bars, the former bath house Club Portland and the former location of the Silverado (well known local gay bar, best known for the strippers), and thusly it was the local hot spot of the gay night life.
I remember when the bath house closed because I lived a few blocks away (I never went because I’m not allowed + its just not my personal scene) and I remember wondering what would take its place? Well the owners of McMenamins decided to buy it and turn it into the new hotel, which boasts 51 fabulous rooms, each inspired by a song or performance from the Crystal Ballroom’s last 100 years, including James Brown, The Flaming Lips, Blondie, The White Stripes, and Arcade Fire.  My personal favorite is the Allen Ginsberg “Howl” room (photo featured below not by me, source page here), as he is one of my favorite gay poets.  The rates are a bit outrageous (but that could just be my opinion as I do not travel and if I do, I stay w/friends or family of some sort), and I hear its impossible to get a reservation at the moment since they just opened, but its good to see something done w/the space rather than it standing empty (though I personally feel it should have been something gay owned, themed & operated, and I’m willing to wager I’m not the only one who feels this way).
You can read more in depth about the hotel, its rates, the bar/cafe, the crystal ballroom and all that jazz on the McMenamins website.

Photo from Just Out online sneak peek article

*NOTE: I say I have ‘heard’ their ales are good as this is based on word of mouth not personal experience.  I am allergic to hops and, not only can I not drink beer, I can not drink any alcohol of any kind.  (so I probably wont be doing any cocktail reviews or recipe posts…though I do have an EXCELLENT recipe for cranberry whiskey lemonade that I made for the guests at my wedding after party)


Vote Sabel Scities for RDR Season 4! May 28, 2011

I don’t know how many of you are fans of Rupaul’s Drag Race, though I’m forced to assume by your presence here you at the very least know who Rupaul is.  Rupaul’s Drag Race season four is casting and my favorite queen Miss Sabel Scities is running, and I wanted to spread the word so as many people can vote for her as possible when the time comes.  I have hotlinked her name above to her RPDR 4 facebook fan page, be sure to go friend her and show your support.
I met Sabel in 2008 while she was hosting ‘The D Word’ (the former weekly drag show of the Red Cap Garage) and was INSTANTLY captivated.
Her choreography is impeccable and includes splits, kicks and most impressive cartwheels and other tumbling acts IN her high heels (I’ve never seen her fall while doing one either).  Her sense of makeup artistry is ever evolving and top notch, always daring and nonconformist.  She designs and makes many of her own costumes, which only furthers her unique look and stage presence.  She pushes the envelope with her homemade music mixes, adding comedy, drama and flare to each and every performance.  I have never been at a show where the audience wasn’t absolutely taken in by her abilities and she knows how to work a crowd.
Sabel’s drag roots lie in Portland, OR, where she held many local & state titles, starting with her first crown Rosebud #31 in ’07, moving on later to La Femme Magnifique, and others; including winning the first Portland edition of RPDR sponsored by logo & absolute.  In the spring of 2010 Sabel moved to NYC to broaden the horizons of her drag career, and was crowned Miss Fire Island 2010.  She travels often, performing in various cities around the country and is loved by audiences everywhere she goes and she is the fiercest bitch I have ever known or seen. If ever there was a queen that deserved to compete for that crown & the title of America’s next Drag Superstar, I believe she is one of them!
I’ll post a small update later when the online voting starts so we can all show our support.  Check out her facebook fan page (link above), her youtube channel and when the time comes, VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
Below are 6 photos (out of MANY MANY I took for her) from her days hosting ‘The D Word’ (and she’s only gotten better since).

Fall 2010, Sabel’s much awaited home coming from NYC.

Apologies for incoherence but i am PISSED May 26, 2011

Ya’ll wonder why i don’t get out much??
shit like this keeps happening, not just around the country, but RIGHT HERE, where i once thought/felt i was a safe individual, a community surrounding me (not just gay but the city community as a WHOLE) at least somewhat there for us as people…shit like THIS is what tends to unfortunately keep me home most of the time…WHAT IN THE HOLY FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??
as i have said before and will CONTINUE today…THIS IS NOT THE FUCKING 1950S YOU ASSHOLES, you LOST the culture war, quite your fucking crying and get w/the FUCKING times…
the younger demographic (save those that have it beaten into them since birth…and even them) are not w/you on your stance…
it just makes me so much rage basically that I WANT to go out and punch someone for making me feel threatened in my own home place…ya know what i mean girls?
and YES, before anyone jumps on me w/the ‘you can’t let them scare you speeches’ I KNOW THIS…my LOGICAL BRAIN knows this…but try explaining that to the PTSD that had been beaten by a group of 5 or so on more than one ocassion for being different that (its why i have a hard time w/parties & crowds…i’m not anti-social, I”M NOT, i LOVE to dance, i LOVE a good party, i LOVE being surrounded by people i have things in common with…unfortunately if theres a large enough group of you, and i don’t know all of you, i don’t know what the crowds intentions are and that spirals me into panic…)
and to the bystanders who failed to respond…i’ll say the same thing i said to the PRICK in the McD’s….
and thats all I have to say about that…
apologies if this is less coherent than my usual screed but i have not slept well in 5 days and waking up to this sort of news makes me want to go out and go on a bitchslapping spree (more like nose breaking)…i WILL NOT do such a thing because, unlike this pricks, i know it wont solve anything.
I will, however, retire to my couch where i will curl up with an old friend Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, and imagine them as part of the unfortunate victims cast…
a more cheerful post tomorrow (i hope)


Queer Duck The Movie Review May 24, 2011

Oh my gay stars! This movie was FABULOUS!  I just loved it.
Its kind of like they strung together a bunch of the shorts and put musicals in between.  Naturally its a musical, all the songs are witty, if a bit crass and the dialogue is hilarious.
The movie plot centers around Queer Duck having a sexual crisis.  He starts to feel like life would be easier if he was straight, (who hasn’t been there, thats the closet), and in his depression he stumbles upon an old has been actor Lola Buzzard (personality based on Liza w/a Z) and together they gain some recognition by helping her produce a one lady show.  After winning a Tony Award, Lola proposes to Queer Duck, he tells her he’s gay and she says she knows but doesn’t care, and if he ever wants to switch ‘teams’ she knows a guy, slipping him a card for homo no’mo (an anti-gay ministry organization run by an evangelical horse Rev. Vandergelding).
Despite the Reverend’s best efforts he cannot turn Queer Duck straight.
On the wedding day, the Rev., enraged by his efforts having been thwarted, refuses to accept defeat kidnaps QD and forces him to drink a special potion to make him straight…AND IT WORKS! THE HORROR! (literally).
He and Lola have a CRAZY wedding night, and the next morning she croaks.  Queer Duck, now widowed, seeks to be turned gay again by a doctor, after it doesn’t work, Peckary (the butler voiced by Tim Cury) summons Barbra Streisand who is able to turn him gay again.  He inherits all of Lola’s money, buys ‘happy land’ (a joke on disney land, and a place they were denied entrance to earlier in the film) and turns it into ‘Fairy Land’, and tries to get his boyfriend Openly Gaytor back…Openly Gaytor turns him down because Queer Duck broke his heart, poor Gaytor.
Later Gaytor gets hired by Fairy Land to be a ride operator, and upon the news of Fairy Land opening Rev. Vandergelding breaks out of prison, mixes a giant batch of his evil potion and tries to bomb Fairy Land w/it after kidnapping Queer Duck.  Openly Gaytor leaps into action, saves the day and the two of them get married at the end.
It was an EXCELLENT film, with a great cast of voice actors and lots of fun songs and amusing queer jokes.  Download it off the pirate bay today!

Queer Duck ‘I’m as gay as my three dollar bill’
Rev. Vandergelding making gay jokes during his session w/QD
Beavette, family dinner is no place to munch carpet! (QD’s Sister’s Girlfriend)
Lola after her ‘face treatment’ she’s beyond botox, so they just slap her in the face w/a poisonous jelly fish (I’m not kidding)
The only woman Oscar Wild Cat ever loved, Regina (voiced by Andy Dick)
Bi Polar Bear, He’s my favorite!

Queer Duck May 23, 2011

OK, as promised, here is a brief blog for your Sunday dose of VITAMIN GAY!

Queer Duck was a series of cartoon briefs that originally started out on, it was later adopted by cable TV channel Showtime in 2002* where it was shown as a cartoon short after the series ‘Queer as Folk‘ (the American version).  There are 20 shorts and one 72min. full length movie, which I have but haven’t watched yet.  I never saw it on TV and I could only find the movie for download but not the series, however, I did find all 20 episodes posted by various users on youtube and I am compiling them as a seed file which, once on the piratebay, I will link to so that you too can enjoy these shorts whether you have showtime or NOT!
A couple random facts about the show, Rupaul did the vocals for theme song, not many people know this because they didn’t add feminization to the vocal track like they do with most of Ru’s music.  The voice cast included more than one voice actor from the show Futurama; actors Billy West and Maruice LaMarche, (who many of you best know as Brain from the 90’s hit show ‘Animaniacs’) as well as Estelle Harris who is best known for her role in Seinfeld (I however, best know her as the voice of Lula the sword on ‘Dave the Barbarian’* and other voice over work, she is one of my favorite female voice over artists).  One more random bit of trivia is that the characters Queer Duck and Openly Gaytor’s real names are Adam & Steve, this comes up only once in the episode where the two get married (making a joke out of one of the religious establishments most common arguments about gay marriage ‘Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve’).
If you haven’t heard of this show I HIGHLY recommend it, all the episodes run between 2 and 4 minutes (including beginning and end credits) and are really amusing.  Below is a clip from the full length video that I stumbled upon the other night.  Enjoy! once I have the series available for download via torrent I’ll post a link here.

*I apologize if sometimes my cultural references and/or revelations may seem a little bit dated from time to time, I am somewhat disconnected from the ‘mainstream’ and I also like to see how long things last rather than jumping on the latest fad bandwagon.
*Dave the Barbarian is a show that I will talk about later when I get around to doing a long segment (or multi post segment most likely) on shows (particularly shows from the 90’s and early 2000’s) that have been ridiculed because the conduct of one or more characters was ‘too GAY’ OH NOES!


Sorry for the Delay…

Apologies to anyone on here who has been following my blog Vitamin Gay…i haven’t updated in several days due to a variety of anxiety, stress and other factors…i’ll be writing at the very least a brief entry later tonight 🙂 *hugs*

Thanks to all who have been tuning, your support is appreciated!
For your enjoyment, a photo of me & my fabulous lil dog Bozzley!

Its OK to be GAY! (you know I am)

Update on the Maryland Beating May 16, 2011

Brief update on the April incident at the Baltimore Maryland McDonalds in which two teenage girls beat a trans woman for using the women’s restroom.
Essentially my opinion can be summed up as the interim executive director said in the article: “As the video shows, the violent attack was directly related to the fact that Ms. Polis is a transgender woman. Lack of understanding or fear about someone who is transgender is never an excuse for violence and when it occurs, it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”
Read the full article HERE