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In The Begining… May 9, 2011

There was light & darkness and…wait this isn’t that kind of blog, HA!
Hello and WELCOME! to Vitamin Gay, get your daily dose of GAY!
I aim to make this blog as appealing to all segments of the community as I can, so my LGBT friends & allies (or Queers as I prefer to refer to our segment of society) and I hope to provide a little something for everyone.
I intend to use this as a place to share Queer culture related arts, news, politics, and so forth.  Some times it might just be a brief entry w/a photo, sometimes it might be a LONG entry on a particular matter, either way I hope you enjoy this blog.
A few rules:
1- No H8Rs: Please people, if you came here to spread hate or start a flame war, take it elsewhere, because your comments will NOT be tolerated and they WILL be deleted.
2- Don’t Read While You Work: This blog WILL feature NSFW content, swearing etc. so don’t BITCH and DON’T read it while you’re at work, you’ll get into shit w/the boss man.
3- Talk to me, Talk to me, Talk to me BABY: this is a place to start a discussion, ask questions, etc.  so lets talk!
So w/out further boring you to death, here’s your daily dose of GAY!

I’d like to give a shout out to the FCK H8 ad campaign, working to stomp out H8 and using a bad word for a GOOD cause.  They have some bitchin Tshirts and other gear you can buy to help them support the cause & raise funds for various LGBT charities.  They currently have three ads out covering contemporary social and political issues involving our community, such as: the recent bullying/suicide epidemic, gay marriage (naturally) and most recently an ad protesting an ABSURD new proposed law in the state of Tennessee, the ‘teachers can’t say homos’ law.  To learn more about this issue and how you can help support the cause visit and/or watch the video below.
I LOVE FCKH8! The “Teachers Can’t Talk About Homos” Law from on Vimeo.


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