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And now for Something Completely Different… May 12, 2011

Or at least different than what I said I had intended to talk about last night.  In yesterdays blog I said I was going to discuss the trany bashing that occurred in Baltimore back in April but I decided I’ve thoroughly blogged about the topic on my facebook page and, as it is a topic that naturally enrages me a great deal, I figured why upset myself over a topic I’ve already covered elsewhere.  When I get an update on the case I will doubtlessly mention it here.
So instead of talking about that we’re gonna do our first salute to gay artists! or artist in this instance as I still await approval from the other artist I currently wish to feature.  So without further ado, Deviant Artist Yellowcaseartist/John C. Vincent.
A very talented photographer from the East coast, he has an excellent eye for photo composition and technique and has an impressive gallery.  He classifies himself as an experimental photographer, though he does other art too, (you can view his gallery here).  He’s very active in the DA community, belonging to multiple groups including one of DA’s multiple Gay Straight Alliance clubs, rainbow prints, and a variety of other topic specific groups.  I really encourage you to check out his page, browse his gallery and, if you can, buy one of his prints.
I have chosen to feature here his piece ‘Gay Love’ which is available for prints in his DA shop, it is also available in color, although I prefer the black & white format, which is the one I have chosen to post here.  Enjoy.

‘Gay Love’ By Deviant Artist- John C. Vincent

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