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‘Becoming Chaz’ – An FtM Story May 15, 2011

My friend linked me to the website ‘OH No They Didn’t!’ the other day as she found that they were doing a feature piece on a story about an FtM and figured I would at least be interested in reading about it.  I was and decided it would be worth sharing with my audience here in hopes of getting it some more exposure (one of the main goals of this blog is to help some of these artists/musicians/issues/etc get exposure).
I haven’t watched the clips of the movie yet, but from the description it sounds very touching.  A synopsis from the site described it thusly: Becoming Chaz invites us along on Chaz’s remarkable journey of transformation. As hormone shots give way to top surgery, down-to-earth, unflappable Chaz beams with a sense of liberation and goes public with his story to put a face on a misunderstood issue. Meanwhile, his gregarious girlfriend grapples with the realities of suddenly living with a man, and it’s clear sex change isn’t solely a physical transition.
Intimate and nakedly honest, the film reveals the humanity and courage it takes for Chaz to ultimately embrace his true self. His moving struggle will reverberate profoundly for anyone to whom authenticity matters.  Read more here.

There are clips of the video on the website here and I totally recommend checking it out.  Other movies that revolve around FtM transgendered peoples are:
Southern Comfort, Boys Don’t Cry and M. Butterfly (although the last is more a MtF story from what I’ve read, still deals with trans issues).
Check some of these touching films, they are all very well done.


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