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George Takei READS William Shatner May 15, 2011

In the comic community they periodically do something that they call a ‘roast’ at which a bunch of fellow comics & actors etc. come together and READ YOUR ASS TO FILTH (as well as each other).  I had only been told about the roast of Mr. William Shatner, an acting legend for many reasons OTHER than his famous James Tiberious Kirk, Captain of the Enterprise, but I had never actually watched it…most of these sorts of things tend to deviate from the sort of humor I enjoy but my friend came over and I was like, what the hey.
What does this have to do with Vitamin Gay? Aside from the constant gay jokes at Andy Dick’s expense…we all know that Bill’s star trek costar George Takei is an out gay man who’s been in a 24 year relationship with his partner Brad, and he not only rips Bill a new one but he does it in such a hilarious fashion that I just had to share it here.  I am so used to thinking of George Takei as a very buttoned down, clean cut, non-swearing kind of guy, so this speech is just awesome on so many levels.

Another George Takei clip that is just so funny you’ll spit, is his message for the it gets better project, in which he publicly calls out anti-gay school official from Arkansas Mr. McCance…which, while I’m here, I may as well share. Enjoy both!


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