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Queer Duck May 23, 2011

OK, as promised, here is a brief blog for your Sunday dose of VITAMIN GAY!

Queer Duck was a series of cartoon briefs that originally started out on, it was later adopted by cable TV channel Showtime in 2002* where it was shown as a cartoon short after the series ‘Queer as Folk‘ (the American version).  There are 20 shorts and one 72min. full length movie, which I have but haven’t watched yet.  I never saw it on TV and I could only find the movie for download but not the series, however, I did find all 20 episodes posted by various users on youtube and I am compiling them as a seed file which, once on the piratebay, I will link to so that you too can enjoy these shorts whether you have showtime or NOT!
A couple random facts about the show, Rupaul did the vocals for theme song, not many people know this because they didn’t add feminization to the vocal track like they do with most of Ru’s music.  The voice cast included more than one voice actor from the show Futurama; actors Billy West and Maruice LaMarche, (who many of you best know as Brain from the 90’s hit show ‘Animaniacs’) as well as Estelle Harris who is best known for her role in Seinfeld (I however, best know her as the voice of Lula the sword on ‘Dave the Barbarian’* and other voice over work, she is one of my favorite female voice over artists).  One more random bit of trivia is that the characters Queer Duck and Openly Gaytor’s real names are Adam & Steve, this comes up only once in the episode where the two get married (making a joke out of one of the religious establishments most common arguments about gay marriage ‘Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve’).
If you haven’t heard of this show I HIGHLY recommend it, all the episodes run between 2 and 4 minutes (including beginning and end credits) and are really amusing.  Below is a clip from the full length video that I stumbled upon the other night.  Enjoy! once I have the series available for download via torrent I’ll post a link here.

*I apologize if sometimes my cultural references and/or revelations may seem a little bit dated from time to time, I am somewhat disconnected from the ‘mainstream’ and I also like to see how long things last rather than jumping on the latest fad bandwagon.
*Dave the Barbarian is a show that I will talk about later when I get around to doing a long segment (or multi post segment most likely) on shows (particularly shows from the 90’s and early 2000’s) that have been ridiculed because the conduct of one or more characters was ‘too GAY’ OH NOES!


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