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Queer Duck The Movie Review May 24, 2011

Oh my gay stars! This movie was FABULOUS!  I just loved it.
Its kind of like they strung together a bunch of the shorts and put musicals in between.  Naturally its a musical, all the songs are witty, if a bit crass and the dialogue is hilarious.
The movie plot centers around Queer Duck having a sexual crisis.  He starts to feel like life would be easier if he was straight, (who hasn’t been there, thats the closet), and in his depression he stumbles upon an old has been actor Lola Buzzard (personality based on Liza w/a Z) and together they gain some recognition by helping her produce a one lady show.  After winning a Tony Award, Lola proposes to Queer Duck, he tells her he’s gay and she says she knows but doesn’t care, and if he ever wants to switch ‘teams’ she knows a guy, slipping him a card for homo no’mo (an anti-gay ministry organization run by an evangelical horse Rev. Vandergelding).
Despite the Reverend’s best efforts he cannot turn Queer Duck straight.
On the wedding day, the Rev., enraged by his efforts having been thwarted, refuses to accept defeat kidnaps QD and forces him to drink a special potion to make him straight…AND IT WORKS! THE HORROR! (literally).
He and Lola have a CRAZY wedding night, and the next morning she croaks.  Queer Duck, now widowed, seeks to be turned gay again by a doctor, after it doesn’t work, Peckary (the butler voiced by Tim Cury) summons Barbra Streisand who is able to turn him gay again.  He inherits all of Lola’s money, buys ‘happy land’ (a joke on disney land, and a place they were denied entrance to earlier in the film) and turns it into ‘Fairy Land’, and tries to get his boyfriend Openly Gaytor back…Openly Gaytor turns him down because Queer Duck broke his heart, poor Gaytor.
Later Gaytor gets hired by Fairy Land to be a ride operator, and upon the news of Fairy Land opening Rev. Vandergelding breaks out of prison, mixes a giant batch of his evil potion and tries to bomb Fairy Land w/it after kidnapping Queer Duck.  Openly Gaytor leaps into action, saves the day and the two of them get married at the end.
It was an EXCELLENT film, with a great cast of voice actors and lots of fun songs and amusing queer jokes.  Download it off the pirate bay today!

Queer Duck ‘I’m as gay as my three dollar bill’
Rev. Vandergelding making gay jokes during his session w/QD
Beavette, family dinner is no place to munch carpet! (QD’s Sister’s Girlfriend)
Lola after her ‘face treatment’ she’s beyond botox, so they just slap her in the face w/a poisonous jelly fish (I’m not kidding)
The only woman Oscar Wild Cat ever loved, Regina (voiced by Andy Dick)
Bi Polar Bear, He’s my favorite!

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