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Apologies for incoherence but i am PISSED May 26, 2011

Ya’ll wonder why i don’t get out much??
shit like this keeps happening, not just around the country, but RIGHT HERE, where i once thought/felt i was a safe individual, a community surrounding me (not just gay but the city community as a WHOLE) at least somewhat there for us as people…shit like THIS is what tends to unfortunately keep me home most of the time…WHAT IN THE HOLY FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??
as i have said before and will CONTINUE today…THIS IS NOT THE FUCKING 1950S YOU ASSHOLES, you LOST the culture war, quite your fucking crying and get w/the FUCKING times…
the younger demographic (save those that have it beaten into them since birth…and even them) are not w/you on your stance…
it just makes me so much rage basically that I WANT to go out and punch someone for making me feel threatened in my own home place…ya know what i mean girls?
and YES, before anyone jumps on me w/the ‘you can’t let them scare you speeches’ I KNOW THIS…my LOGICAL BRAIN knows this…but try explaining that to the PTSD that had been beaten by a group of 5 or so on more than one ocassion for being different that (its why i have a hard time w/parties & crowds…i’m not anti-social, I”M NOT, i LOVE to dance, i LOVE a good party, i LOVE being surrounded by people i have things in common with…unfortunately if theres a large enough group of you, and i don’t know all of you, i don’t know what the crowds intentions are and that spirals me into panic…)
and to the bystanders who failed to respond…i’ll say the same thing i said to the PRICK in the McD’s….
and thats all I have to say about that…
apologies if this is less coherent than my usual screed but i have not slept well in 5 days and waking up to this sort of news makes me want to go out and go on a bitchslapping spree (more like nose breaking)…i WILL NOT do such a thing because, unlike this pricks, i know it wont solve anything.
I will, however, retire to my couch where i will curl up with an old friend Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, and imagine them as part of the unfortunate victims cast…
a more cheerful post tomorrow (i hope)


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