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Vote Sabel Scities for RDR Season 4! May 28, 2011

I don’t know how many of you are fans of Rupaul’s Drag Race, though I’m forced to assume by your presence here you at the very least know who Rupaul is.  Rupaul’s Drag Race season four is casting and my favorite queen Miss Sabel Scities is running, and I wanted to spread the word so as many people can vote for her as possible when the time comes.  I have hotlinked her name above to her RPDR 4 facebook fan page, be sure to go friend her and show your support.
I met Sabel in 2008 while she was hosting ‘The D Word’ (the former weekly drag show of the Red Cap Garage) and was INSTANTLY captivated.
Her choreography is impeccable and includes splits, kicks and most impressive cartwheels and other tumbling acts IN her high heels (I’ve never seen her fall while doing one either).  Her sense of makeup artistry is ever evolving and top notch, always daring and nonconformist.  She designs and makes many of her own costumes, which only furthers her unique look and stage presence.  She pushes the envelope with her homemade music mixes, adding comedy, drama and flare to each and every performance.  I have never been at a show where the audience wasn’t absolutely taken in by her abilities and she knows how to work a crowd.
Sabel’s drag roots lie in Portland, OR, where she held many local & state titles, starting with her first crown Rosebud #31 in ’07, moving on later to La Femme Magnifique, and others; including winning the first Portland edition of RPDR sponsored by logo & absolute.  In the spring of 2010 Sabel moved to NYC to broaden the horizons of her drag career, and was crowned Miss Fire Island 2010.  She travels often, performing in various cities around the country and is loved by audiences everywhere she goes and she is the fiercest bitch I have ever known or seen. If ever there was a queen that deserved to compete for that crown & the title of America’s next Drag Superstar, I believe she is one of them!
I’ll post a small update later when the online voting starts so we can all show our support.  Check out her facebook fan page (link above), her youtube channel and when the time comes, VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
Below are 6 photos (out of MANY MANY I took for her) from her days hosting ‘The D Word’ (and she’s only gotten better since).

Fall 2010, Sabel’s much awaited home coming from NYC.

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