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Sorry I Haven’t Updated…more later June 6, 2011

Sorry that I have, once again, fallen behind in my updates.  I had a medical emergency this last week that resulted in my sleep schedule getting completely borked.  I have also been very preoccupied with a variety of projects including putting together my first photo spread for a public showing (you can see my work, if you’re a local Portlander, at Beach Massage Therapy, info behind the hotlink).  I have also been working on a dress that will be featured by a candidate running for Ms. Gay Pride 2011.  Between all these things I have lost track of time and my blog and for this I apologize.  I will be making a post later after I have finished up my sewing project (photos of its progression below).

First layer of lining, pinned and ready to sew
Lining sewn
Dress pattern pieces, pinned to the dress form
Dress pinned & ready to sew
Dress, carefully pinned to the dress form & tucked into the corset on the form to give an idea of how it will look when its finished
Laying out the lining, preparing to pin in the netting for the poof
Me, hard at work
The lining, all sewn up & hanging on the dress form, at the height of my client
Close up of the beaded detail accent I added to the bust of the dress for added flare
Hemmed and put together, all thats left is to ruffle the skirt and hem the bottom and we’re DONE!
When finished, the dress is supposed to look like the blue one pictured on the pattern package
Ruffled, 2hrs hand stitching them into place…didn’t quite turn out like the ruffles in the pic, still nice i think.  all thats left now is the hem

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