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Stand Up! June 7, 2011

This is an ad my friend linked me to…I’m not going to expound on it much as i feel it does the talking for me, so brief entry tonight (the ad is kind of long…and it will probably make you teary if it doesn’t make you out right cry, in a good way though)

it kind of changes their tune, when they suddenly realized they’re surrounded by us…and they just never realized.  its like Milk said ‘come out, let them know that we are a part of their lives and we always were’ its THAT MUCH HARDER to hate, when you realize someone you know and care for is GLBT…this is WHY gay pride (because you tell us we have to change) this is WHY come out (because then they have no CHOICE but to face the truth)…we are and always have been…and we always shall be.


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