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My Pride Month Projects June 10, 2011

This year for pride I’ve decided to do a few lil video projects (which I apologize for any shakey camera work and/or cruddy sound quality, I don’t have a mic and some of this WILL be filmed outside).
What can you look forward to?
Coverage of this year’s Gay Pride Pageant, being hosted by the Barracuda Night Club.  Featuring performances by the Gay Pride 13s: Mr. Isaiah Tillman, Mr. Ryval Darkholme Theology (my drag daddy), Miss Ecstasy Inferno and Ms. Diva Debauchery, all of whom I love dearly.  Also I will be filming the talent numbers for any of my friends competing (including Ms. Ruby Riot and Ms. Sheniqua Volt, both competing for Ms. Gay Pride 2011), as well as the step down speeches and the crowning ceremony.
Next, in light of the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill passed last month in Tennessee and inspired by the campaign, I have decided to film my own lil ‘say gay athon’, I intend to get pride parade patrons to say GAY on film, stitch the clips together and post the video to youtube & share w/the crew.  WE CAN’T SAY GAY? WE’RE GONNA FUCKIN SAY IT ANYWAY!!!
And lastly, not film related BUT, I’ll be taking photos at the pride parade, pride pageant and ANY OTHER pride related events I am able to attend in the coming week/month (week mostly as this week is PORTLAND PRIDE 2011 WOO), I am hoping to attend the Red Cap Garage Mustache Party, but my activities will be limited to how much bus fare I can scare up.  Look forward to fags, fairries, dykes and QUEENS QUEENS QUEENS GALORE! coming your way, at VITAMIN GAY!!

Can I offer you a slice o’ pride 😉 (cake I made my friend Vivica Valentine for her birthday a few years ago, she requested rainbow frosting and she got it :D)

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