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PRIDE MONTH!! June 10, 2011

I apologize again for not updating much later, finishing the dress I was making for the pride pageant (photos below) & getting my photo display together for my first art show took up a lot of my time in the last week, that and minor medical issues causing my sleep schedule to be severely disrupted.  I do try to remember to update daily but, like I’ve said before, ya know…life man, it happens.
Tonight’s topic, the official declaration of June as National Pride Month.  According to the article I read on the PFLAG website, the president released a proclamation on May 31st this year, stating that June would now be National LGBT Pride Month *throws rainbow confetti*.  This was apparently his third LGBT related act he has put into motion, one other being the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in December 2010.  Now if we can just get him to repeal DOMA as well we’ll be doing great, but one step at a time.  The President has also created the White House’s first LGBT related webpage, designed to keep people up to date on LGBT related politics.
While I do see this as a good thing, DO NOT GET ME WRONG I do think this is lovely, I also can’t help but fill its a slightly shallow bid to stay on our communities good side politically.  Not that I have any doubts about his reelection come 2012, it still feels like a gesture more than anything substantial.  But, like I said above in regards to the repealing of DOMA, one step at a time.  Also, its better than a kick in the teeth, WHICH is what our community generally tends to get.
Thats all for tonight, this is the Mad Hatter Lysander Darkholme Price, wishing you all a happy, sparkly, rainbow, leather, drag queen, bears, twinks & daddies, lipstick lesbians, dykes on bikes, queer as hell PRIDE MONTH!!!
Tomorrow- the Oregonian & the Hands Across Hawthorne rally
Saturday- Portland Pride Pageant #14, w/live coverage by Mio!

Kassi Cobb, AKA- Ruby Riot; Modeling an L.D. Custom Couture dress, candidate #2 for Ms. Gay Pride

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