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Portland Gay Pride Pageant 2011 Live Footage June 14, 2011

Welcome to the video footage portion of my Portland Gay Pride Pageant 2011 coverage.  The clips aren’t the highest quality, and at times the angle is a lil off, sometimes there is a bit of shakey came due to the  need to adjust the framing and/or tripod.  So far all my friends have been pleased w/the footage despite its flaws (I appreciate the love guys *muah*) hopefully by next year I’ll have access to better equipment (hey, I can be optimistic can’t I).
Anyway we’ve got the Opening number ‘Busted’ performed by the 2010 Gay Prides, coverage of the Swim Wear competition (only category that wasn’t disjointed, so its the only one I got on film as I was specifically conscripted by my friend Ryval to film the step downs, so I wanted to ensure I had battery & memory card life for that), we have all four dedication performances, performed by Syrin Scities, Allie McQueen, Shannon Theology & Chance DeVelmont respectively.  Last, but certainly not least, the step down videos of the Gay Prides of 2010, my friends Isaiah Tilman, Diva Debauchery, Ryval Theology Darkholme & Ecstasy Inferno *LOVE*, followed by the crowning ceremony for the new Gay Prides of 2011.
I hope you all enjoy the coverage, despite its many flaws.  Despite its flaws I think we really captured the mood & atmosphere of the crowd, and that was what was most important to me.  Much love to all *HUGS*

Intro performed by last year’s Gay Prides: Isaiah, Diva, Ryval and Ecstasy!

Category Swim Wear (meet the candidates that competed for this years titles)

Krystal Lynn Benoit’s Talent Number

Ruby Riot’s Talent Number

Syrin Scities performing her dedication to Isaiah Tilman, Mr. Gay Prid XIII #1

Allie McQueen performing her dedication to Diva Debauchery, Ms. Gay Pride 2010

Shannon Theology performing her dedication to her partner Ryval Theology Darkholme, Mr. Gay Pride XIII #2, our first transgendered Mr. Gay Pride

Chance DeVelmont & his dance crew performing their dedication to Ecstasy Inferno, Miss Gay Pride 2010

Isaiah’s Step Down/Final Walk

Diva Debauchery’s Step Down/Final Walk

Ryval Theology’s Step Down/Final Walk (dedicated to his trans brothers & sisters everywhere)

Ecstasy Inferno’s Step Down/Final walk (dedicated to all those lost in the LGBT community in the last year)

The Crowning of the winners of this year’s pride pageant!

I’d like to take the opportunity to once again congratulate our new Gay Prides of 2011:
Mr. Tod Allen
Miss Tokyo Drift Valentine and
Ms. Sheniqua Volt
Lead with dignity my friends *muah* can’t wait to see what the three of you have in store for the community in the coming year *HUGS & LOVE*
Hope you enjoyed another installment of VITAMIN GAY- PRIDE EDITION!!!


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