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Pride Month Movie Recommendations June 14, 2011

Since its pride month, I thought I’d post a list of movies that I felt make good recommended viewing for this month in which we celebrate our community & everything we have & hope to accomplish.  In light of that, here ya go…if you haven’t seen some of these, go out and enjoy, they’re perfect viewing (warning- some of these are pretty emotional films, you have been warned).
Hedwig and the angry inch
Better than chocolate
Priscilla queen of the desert
Broke back mountain
Life & Times of Harvey Milk
Boys don’t cry
Southern comfort
M butterfly
Victor victoria
Becoming Chaz
Hairspray (new or old)…torch song trilogy for that matter
Queer Duck
But I’m a cheerleader
To Wong Foo, thanks for everything, julie newmar
anything w/Streisand (haven’t actually seen any of her films *GASP* but from what i understand she’s a big hit so, go check it out…I plan to track at least one down this month)
Moulin rouge (ok, its not technically gay, but it is an amazing musical)
Paris is burning
Star Booty
Edge of 17
Rocky Horror (OF COURSE)
The trip
Boy Culture
The Birdcage (LOVE THIS ONE)
Boys in the band
My own private idaho (set in Portland oddly…didn’t know that…i’ll admit to not yet having seen this one)
Parting Glances (stars Steve Buscemi who i LOVE…gonna go download this one, how are you not in my collection yet?)
RENT (of course)
Summer Storm
I Love You Philip Morris (i haven’t seen this one yet, but it sounds good…or at least interesting)
The broken hearts club
My beautiful laundrette (this one sounds really sweet)
As good as it gets (one of my favorites…while not directly a gay movie, one of the main characters is gay, so I count it…plus, Jack Nicholson how can you go wrong?)
Wilde (how can I forget that, Stephen Fry as Oscar Wilde…need i say more 😉 also stars Jude Law)
Latter Days (i’ve heard mixed reviews about this one)

Thats all the ones I could think of off hand, I haven’t seen all of these, but I have seen most of them.  Some good shows that are either gay and/or have gay overtones/undertones (whatever) are:
Are You Being Served? (Mr. Humphreys = adorable)
Blackadder (over tones & lots of homoerotic jokes)
Red Dwarf (again, over tones & quips…all male cast in deeps space, what ya gonna do 😉 lol)
Queer as Folk (american or the original)
Ab Fab (ditto)
LOTS of cartoons & other shows have subtle over tones such as Spongebob (while I agree w/the creator of the show on the fact that spongebob is clearly asexually oriented, ie- doesn’t have a sexual orientation because he is not a sexual creature, there is NO denying that the show DOES have homoerotic subtext…why so many people have to get their panties in a knot over it I will never understand…gods forbid we teach children that gay is acceptable, normal etc…*rant rant tangent*) and Dave the Barbarian which only got one season due to similar complaints & lack of marketability (lame because it was a great show).
hope you enjoy the list and seek out some of this quality queer entertainment for the month of pride.
later tonight i’ll be posting a blog of the video segments taken from this years Gay Pride Pageant that happened saturday night, took me a while to get to it because the whole thing, especially the step down portion, was particularly emotional for me and I wasn’t ready to get all worked up again.  I’ve got most of the clips edited and i’ll be finished uploading in a while, until later, enjoy your dose of VITAMIN GAY!!! PRIDE EDITION!!


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