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Harvey Fierstein is THE MAN! June 16, 2011

Tonight I’ve decided to honor someone in the gay community who has done SO MUCH for our people, a man who has been an activist for our rights & has always been politically out spoken and a man who is all around just a VERY likable individual: Mr. Harvey Fierstein.
First of all, I have loved Mr. Fierstein’s voice since I was a little kid, it was always so soothing, so kind & comforting despite its gravely tones.  He always spoke in a sort of whisper unless you made him upset and then you could hear the strain in his voice whenever he tried to raise it, obviously not someone who likes to do that unless he has to.  He is so measured and articulate in his speech and I just, I have a hard time thinking about something I don’t like about the man, he’s just so lovable.
He wrote & stared in the Torch Song Trilogy, long running, Tony award winning Broadway musical & movie, he wrote the novelization of ‘le cage a foles’ and the song ‘I am what I am’ from Le Cage became a gay anthem for the community (later recorded by Gloria Gaynor, below is a link where you can hear Harvey singing it, and its doubly moving I think).  I’ve loved him in bit parts & voice overs from his minor roll in Mulan to his appearance on the Simpsons episode ‘simpson & deliliah’ in which he voices Carl, Homer’s temporary secretary, to the villain of the story ‘Death to Smoochy’, he’s a brilliant & talented actor and a strong asset to us as a community & a speaker.
Below are a few videos of him talking about various things, first and foremost I would like you to listen to his piece on ‘gay pride’ and the parade, he addresses a question that I have asked and been asked, but never had the right answer to…thankfully he, in his kind & avuncular wit & wisdom, does and its a good one.  Other videos linked include: an interview from 1983, backstage, during his run of the ‘Torch Song Trilogy’ on broadway, an appearance he did on sesame street that was TOO PRECIOUS not to share, a clip of him singing ‘I am what I am’, a speech about ‘where is our anger’ (regarding various incidences in gay history),  and a lil clip he did on what passover means to him (included simply because I enjoyed listening to it).  I have also hyperlinked his name above to his wiki page so you can read more about him.  enjoy the clips and hope you had a GREAT wednesday, more tomorrow.  this is VITAMIN GAY- PRIDE EDITION!!!!






Thats all for now, more later…and remember *fist raised* GAY PRIDE!!


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