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PRIDE…What it means to me…how about you? June 16, 2011

This is June, and it has officially been declared this year, that June is now OFFICIAL NATIONAL PRIDE MONTH!!! ALL MONTH LONG!! so celebrate your pride!
Ya know we get asked all the time…WHY PRIDE? whats it all about? etc…its different things to different people, for some its just a once a year celebration of our community & a chance to go out and party it up all week (or for some, all month) long.  Some in the community don’t even get involved, for various personal reasons, and that makes me sad.  so WHY PRIDE?  this is MY answer:
WHY PRIDE? because people keep telling us we need to CHANGE who and/or what we are.  Because there are people out there who STILL see us as second class citizens that don’t have/or even deserve the same rights as everyone else.  Not unlike the civil rights movement of the 60’s & the interracial marriage debate back then, we face similar social stigma EVERY DAY, just because of who we were born as.  We do NOT choose to be gay, its in the hardware, either you are or you’re not, and thats all there is to it.  No amount of prayer, aversion or repression is going to “CURE” your non-affliction.  This is why pride.
WHY PRIDE? Because it is our opportunity to get in your face and show you that, no matter who you are, or where you GO, there will always BE GAY PEOPLE there somewhere *BOOGAH BOOGAH*, you interact with us EVERY DAY, whether you are aware and/or choose to acknowledge this fact, is another story entirely.
WHY PRIDE?? because it reminds us that we are, who we are, we HAVE a community that loves & supports us, individually and as a whole.  It reminds us of our roots, lest we FORGET that, despite recent social uproars etc, we are VERY lucky to live in an era where being out & open about who and what we are is more socially acceptable and less taboo, and that if we don’t REMEMBER THIS, REMEMBER OUR HISTORY and OUR FIGHT, we are DOOMED to keep repeating it.  Just like any other aspect of history, those who do NOT learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. 

REMEMBER HARVEY MILK! our first OPEN gay representative in a government setting, and how much work it took, the years of struggling and getting voted down before he succeeded in order to go forth and be a spokes person for people like ME AND YOU!
REMEMBER STONEWALL!! and the riots, where we took over christopher st. and pushed the police back and said NO! ENOUGH! we will not continue to be pushed and swept under the rug, we WILL NOT be BULLIED and we WILL NOT stand for these raids & bashings.  WE TOOK IT TO THE STREETS! we put THEM in THEIR PLACE! never forget this.  and NEVER FORGET, if you’re one who feels you shouldn’t be out at the pride parade because you ‘don’t want to be surrounded by freaks & queens etc’ NEVER FORGET, it was a tranny who threw the first brick at this riot that turned the tides & the tables in our communities inlet in the east village.
REMEMBER HOW LUCKY YOU ARE to live in an era where you can go to bars that are dedicated to our community, to have our pride parade, to have these things that the homophobes & religious right would take AWAY from you, just because of who you LOVE.  When Stonewall happened, raids on the bars involved things like taking anyone dressed as women and having them inspected by a fucking police officer and if you weren’t a woman, you were arrested.  if you were a woman, you HAD TO HAVE at least three pieces of women’s clothing on (and yeah, they checked) and if you didn’t YOU WERE ARRESTED!! thats right, in the era of the Stonewall riots, you could literally be arrested for wearing THE WRONG CLOTHES!!! in America…land of the FREE? my ass!
REMEMBER ALL THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR YOU and YOUR RIGHTS, before you were even born…they worked their ASSES OFF to make this a place we could be out and proud! NEVER FORGET THEM! read up on the riots & the first movement for our rights, read the articles, watch MILK and the ‘life & times of Harvey Milk’ TORCH SONG TRILOGY, QUEER DUCK, anything that makes you feel proud, anything that helps you realize that you’re gay and thats OKAY! You are who you are and YOU CAN NOT change that!
Pride is a SPECIAL time of year for me…i see those colors flowing on the flag and I’m filled with such emotion, joy, sorrow, love, awe, admiration…the colors, vibrant and proud, a truly beautiful site…all the colors of the rainbow, like our glorious community, a varitable cornacopia of different sects, cultures, even religions, and we all LOVE EACH OTHER…we stand proud, a community united, watching each others backs.  It fills me w/love I NEVER thought I could feel being recipricated by my brethren & sisters, who love me back and care about who i am, how I feel, and what goes on in my life.  WE CARE!  I CARE FOR YOU! EVEN I DON’T KNOW YOU, I LOVE YOU! because you’re a part of our community, and if you’re a part of this community, you’re FAMILY! local, national, GLOBAL! WE just want to be FREE, to love…who ever! is that REALLY so much to ask??
whats the pride about? share your story, I’m listening and I’d love to hear it!
what does pride mean to you?
and if you’re a local, and you want to get involved in my ‘SAY GAY-A-THON’ Video project in support of, come find me on the parade route sunday, I should be somewhere near CC’s or Embers.  I’ll have my tripod set up and my sign, come pose for the camera, tell the WORLD you’re gay AND PROUD!!! give em the finger if you want to, we’re gonna tell them what we think!
you CAN’T SHAME ME WORLD! you CAN NOT GUILT ME into pretending to love someone I DON’T just to please YOU! because it isn’t ABOUT YOU, its about EVERYONE! we all deserve to be who we are, proud & open, loving who we love!  So lets tell em what we think and put our voices out in the innumerable sea of support we’re amassing…the world IS CHANGING, there is a NEW social order coming, and it WONT be dominated by the haters & the religious right, because GUESS WHAT:
the younger generation doesn’t care about the gays, they don’t see what YOUR PROBLEM IS (because it is YOUR personal problem & hang up, not theirs) and you FAIL utterly to persuade them by making us out to be evil boogy men, when they interact w/gay people on a daily basis.  w/the internet its HARD to close yourself off, it is HARD to tell your kids defacto ‘this is how the world is, and its like that EVERYWHERE’ because they can just go online and talk to someone who’s gay, bi, trans, etc…and not just from here, but from AROUND THE WORLD! remember that!

GAY PRIDE MOTHER FUCKER!!! wanna make somethin of it?

and always remember *RAISED FIST* GAY PRIDE!!!!


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