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Its Just ME…Then and NOW… June 21, 2011

Stumbled upon an old folder of modeling photos I did WAY BACK in 2005, well before I started hormone therapy, and figured I’d give ya’ll a little then and now photo spread…enjoy.

Fully clothed
‘Peak a Boo’ this is my favorite shot
An excellent comparison of how HUGE my breasts used to be (my back does not miss them)
may not be the prettiest, but its a good comparison of how much I used to weigh vs. what I weigh now
January 2011
May 2011, my breasts now (unfortunately I still have them)
Flirty, May 2011
SUPER GAY! my body NOW, May 2011
My face now, my nose is bigger
GAY PRIDE! June 18, 2011
Pensive, clothed full body shot…I really like how I look now, June 2011

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