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John Inman…and Vintage Couples June 23, 2011

>John Inman, what can you say about the man? Well, if you don’t know who he is, probably very little.  He was a British actor, most famous for his role in the TV show Are You Being Served? as the lovably FABULOUS character, Mr. Humphries.  Witty, adorable & always impeccably dressed, this charming character actor became easily one of the most memorable from the series, which ran for 10 seasons on the BBC.  Set in a department store, the series deals with various antics involved in running the mens & womens wear departments of Grace Bro.s department store, and mostly deals in double entendre humor and various running jokes based on the various characters personalities (Mr. Granger falling asleep, Mr. Rumbold being an utterly incompetent ignoramus, Mr. Lucas’ womanizing ways and of course Ms. Schlocombe’s pussy).
I was introduced to this show randomly back in 2006 and what kept me hooked was the character portrayed by Mr. Inman, his high camp flamboyance was very captivating.  The fact that a show from the 1970s was willing to have an OBVIOUSLY gay character, that all the other characters KNOW is gay, was very bold to me, as it was something you DO NOT see in US TV.  It showed remarkable tolerance & maturity in my eyes.  They even talk about his relationships, vaguely, eluding to them in conversations w/his coworker Mr. Lucas, who takes the conversations in stride and is very receptive to talking about it.  These facts make it all the more surprising to me that a handful of members of the ‘campaign for homosexual equality’  picketed one of his shows saying that he ‘gave a bad face/negative image’ to the gay community.  Inman responded that he felt if anything he was HELPING the gay community, which I agree with.  I just don’t see the negative to it, but then I grew up during a very different time, and in a different country, and this naturally has an effect on my perceptions.  His fame from his role in the show was not limited to the British Isles, the show gained popularity in the US where he became a gay icon, and on a trip to San Francisco was startled by a fan who fell off their bike when they noticed him walking by and shouted ‘I LOVE YOU MR. HUMPHRIES’ (this would have been my reaction too).  The show remains popular even to this day, still running repeats on the BBC.
Unfortunately, in 2004, John contracted Hepatitis A from some contaminated food, which would cause numerous medical complications the rest of his life and lead to his demise 3 years later in the March of 2007.  In 2005 he and his partner Ron Lynch (of 33 years at the time) were able to enter into a civil partnership at the Westminster Register Office.  When Inman passed away he left virtually everything to his partner, his entire estate totaling more than £2.8m, the only portion of his estate left to someone else was £5,000 left to the Entertainment Artistes Benevolent Fund.
If you aren’t familiar with John Inman and/or Are You Being Served? I recommend you familiarize yourself, its a witty show w/a bold, flamboyant, and most importantly, openly gay character from the 1970s.  Find & enjoy.

‘I’m FREE, Mr. Granger’ Mr. Humphries

Another thing I wanted to share with all of you is an assortment of vintage photos of, likely, gay couples…whether all the men in the photos are gay or not, these photos are TOO CUTE, enjoy. (article hyper linked)
and thats it for tonights, VITAMIN GAY!!


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