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Update on JohnnyBoyXO, Amanda Lepore, Cazwell and MORE! June 27, 2011

sorry for the delay guys, was horribly sick w/flu & a fever from hell that just wouldn’t quite, hence the lack of update for the last couple of days, many apologies…we now return you to our regularly scheduled blog…
So, some of my favorite trannys have put out some BITCHIN new tunes!  This week, June 21st, JohnnyBoyXO released their latest single ‘The Countdown’ and Amanda Lepore’s latest album ‘I…Amanda Lepore’ hits Itunes this week on June 28th (This album’s projected release date was spring 2010, but it took a little extra finishing time).  Further more the sensational queer DJ/rap artist Cazwell hits the television airwaves on the gay channel HERE! and with a new series Boombox, more on that in a minute.
First lets talk about the HOT tranny bitch herself, JohnnyBoyXO.  They are excellent, my favorite piece by them thus far has been ‘Trannylicious‘ because it is HOT HOT HOT! Most recently they released their latest ‘The Countdown‘ (available on Itunes, buy it bitches and support an artist) and its another great dance tune and it went straight onto my ‘workin it’ playlist (music I use to get me pumped for…just about anything I need to get amped up for).  I highly recommend this song, I also must insist that you check out other music by JohnnyBoy and/or their youtube channel where they Vlog.  They’re an up & comer and you better watch out because this chick is GOIN places.
Next on tonights list we’ve got the flawless, fabulous & FIERCE DIVA herself, miss Amanda Lepore, stepping out with her latest release this week ‘I…Amanda Lepore’ featuring her latest booty shakin dance beats in her own special style.  This album will be hitting Itunes this Tuesday the 28th, and when it does I have one thing to say: GET IT (GIRL)!!! I’ve had a chance to sample the tunes available for listening on youtube and they’re sweet, just like cotton candy baby *wink*.  The album features a few guest artists including Mýa, Larry Tee and of course, her sexy partner in crime, Cazwell.  She has recently released the music video for the song ‘Marilyn’ (view below) featured on this album, both the song AND the video are beautiful.  Especially the video, the cinematography is phenomenal and very artistic (parts of it are slightly reminiscent to Citizen Kane in style…thats just MY opinion though and I’m sure film buffs everywhere would be OUTRAGED by such a comparison, but if you’ve seen the movie please watch the music video and tell me what you think…thats just what the style made me think of).  Check this shit out and if you’re not familiar with this FIERCE artist, and you love techno dance beats & trannys, I have a feeling you will definitely enjoy their work.
Lastly I’d like to talk a bit about Cazwell (who’s birthday happens to be today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAZWELL!) and his new show thats coming SOON to a TV (and internet) near you!  The show is called Boombox (hotlinked to press release/interview) and is going to be like MTV was once upon a time, you know, back when they actually WERE music television and played music videos.  The main premise of the show is to introduce music videos by artists that the audience may not yet be familiar with, thus promoting new artists of various stripes, and will include at least one musician interview per episode.  I think this is a great idea as, I don’t know about you guys, but I really enjoyed MTV back in the day before it spiraled into something completely unrecognizable when compared to its original format, so the idea of a show bringing back that style of promotion and introduction to new artists, is very appealing to me.  You can see the premiere of this new show on the website (link above) for Here TV, and the show is FRESH!  The first episode features videos by: Beth Ditto, Cherie Lily, Hunx + His Punx, Chris Willis, Nervo featuring Ollie James, and an interview with miss Amanda Lepore. Also, I must say, not only do I love his music, but I LOVE listening to him TALK, he’s got a wonderful voice.

That concludes our music watch update, now for a hint of political news for the night.  On June 24th New York state made history by becoming the LARGEST state in the nation to legalize gay marriage, this is a monumental step forward for our movement for equality in all aspects of our lives as a community.  The bill wont take effect for 30 days, but believe it, the registrars office is going to be BOOKED SOLID for the entire following month, and particularly bursting the first Monday that it goes into effect.  I am overjoyed for my brothers and sisters in New York state, if not a tiny bit jealous as Oregon is a fairly liberal state that keeps being held back in this particular aspect, by close minded rural dwellers in the Eastern half of the state (and don’t you tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about BITCH, I’m FROM Eastern, born and raised, and those bitches out there be fucking CRAZY! lets just say I got the fuck out of dodge and have NO intention of looking back EVER!).  I hope all the happy gay couples who storm the local registrars in the coming months to ratify their now LEGAL commitments to each other, all the happiness in the world, you deserve it.  Congratulations on ANOTHER victory and ANOTHER step forward in this movement for across the board marriage equality for all.  One step at a time, one state at a time, we’ll get there eventually!
And yes, I am aware that Oregon offers ‘unions’ for same sex couples, but FUCK THAT, we’re not gonna settle for less than equal, or similar but supposedly equal, said unions DO NOT offer all the same protections that a marriage license does, and until they do we wont accept it.  Its a half ass attempt to placate us with something CLOSE to what we desire, but not the real deal.  Until we see marriage equality in our state, my partner and I refuse to fuss with the fees and paper work…and we’ve been married for 3yrs (four in September), but our state doesn’t RECOGNIZE.  Why bother if you’re not getting the full protection under the law.  If you live in Oregon, are a same sex couple and choose to accept the civil unions (or whatever they call them here), good for you, I wish you well, however I encourage my fellow Oregonian queer peers to stand strong and hold out for TRUE equality!
You can read more about this historic bill that was passed in New York here.  Below is a clip from the always eloquent news persona Keith Olberman (whom I ADORE, and whoever his writer is) speaking his piece on this historic movement.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this, belated, installment of VITAMIN GAY- PRIDE EDITION!!! a few more days of pride month and then its over for the year *sad*, but don’t forget that pride is EVERYDAY, being out, open and proud to be alive and who we are.  LOVE YOU, and thanks for reading!!

Miss Amanda Lepore, in all her glory.  Photo by: Nico Iliev
The sexy JohnnyBoyXO.  Photo by: Gatto Photography
The Captivating Cazwell, Photo by: Marco Ovando

Almost FORGOT to post this…this is EXCELLENT!!


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