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Got Nothin…So MORE ART! July 1, 2011

I sat, and thought, and thought about what I wanted to write tonight, and I couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t involve me getting really really pissed off (ranting about the anti-gay backlash that is sweeping the country, various other political bullshit, etc) and frankly I just didn’t have the energy.  So, as I tend to do in these situations, I thought I’d bring you guys another edition of GAY ART SHOWCASE! And, seeing as how we just wrapped up National GLBT Pride Month, I figured I’d show case some of the Pride Parade photos & other pride related art pieces that have popped up on Deviant art recently. Enjoy!
(sorry that they’re just links, apparently the HTML coding put together by deviant art just isn’t completely compatible w/wordpress. which is a shame because they look nice w/the embedded photos)
Pride by ~oBsCeNe-EmO-qUeEn on deviantART
Gay Pride Parade 67 by ~vonboop on deviantART
Bear With Me VI by ~nazu-akuma-enzeru on deviantART
Pride 2011 Flags by ~Shadow-Partner on deviantART
Unicorn Pride II by ~severthecore on deviantART
Pride by ~Ninj4-L33t-Master on deviantART
Istanbul Pride March by ~sahvelet on deviantART
legal brights by ~Kitty-of-Troy on deviantART
Gay Pride Parade 21 by ~vonboop on deviantART
vitamin gay logo by ~LetsAllBeNuerotic on deviantART


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