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Some Good Amidst the bad July 8, 2011

Its nice to see that despite all the anti-gay retaliation thats occurring in this country, from the usual religious homophobic bigotry, to more serious, criminal actions, like random gay bashing around the country and the poor young man who was shot in the head this week, who’s murder is trying to get off on a ‘gay panic’ defense…WTF is that SHIT? so if I were to go out and randomly shoot a straight guy would I get HETERO PANIC DEFENSE?? NO! NO I WOULDN’T!!! that is SUCH A LOAD! (sorry had to at least rant a tiny bit about that).

Anyway, despite that onslaught of utter bullshit on top of the normal day to day discriminatory issues we face, there are STILL people out there TRYING to do good, make a difference and bring a little kindness & love into the world.  Like the mayor of New York (which recently became the most populous state in the nation to legalize same sex marriage just last month) who plans to officiate the wedding of his gay assistants (the article uses the word aides, and while I KNOW the disease doesn’t have ES on the end, etc. I can’t help but feel it was a poor word choice, is that just me?), his consumer affairs commissioner Mr. Jonathan Mintz and his chief policy adviser John Fienblatt.  I, for one, could not be happier upon hearing this news, I think its a wonderful thing for the mayor to do for his friends and its just really sweet news to hear all around.

Further icing on this happy wedding cake of a story, the city clerks office will be open on the 24th (a Sunday) this month to accommodate the MANY happy couples who will be out in droves to get their nuptials made legal.  I’m really thrilled for the GLBT community in New York state, its going to bring a lot of joy into a LOT of lives in the coming months.

Thats all I’ve got for tonight, sorry again that I haven’t been posting much lately, I’ve been busy w/other projects and between that and the fact that pretty much all the GLBT related news I’ve been getting lately has been BAD NEWS *SAD* (like bashings, murders, dumbass religious windbags blowing smoke about how ‘teh gheys is gonna destroy teh world’ and ‘this is one of the signs of the end times’ OH NOES…I’m just worn down, I’m sure a lot of you are too) and so as not to be monotonous & repeatative, I tend to just slag off on my writings, for this I apologize, I am doing my best.

thank you for reading, I hope this little bit of news brings you as much giddiness as it did me.  thats your dose of Vitamin GAY for the day! Thanks for reading luvs, and remember GAY PRIDE!!


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