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Sexy Miss Amanda Lepore update July 9, 2011

Another update on the incredible tranny diva whom I ADORE, Miss Amanda Lepore, who just released a new music video for her song ‘Turn Me Over’, video by Perez Hilton.  I gotta say I’m jealous of the fellas in this music video, because it is HOT! As always, Miss Lepore’s latest video is sexy, sensual and full of eye candy for all to enjoy.  Lots  of hot men & the diva w/a body that don’t stop, shaking her booty & mugging for the camera w/her big pouty lips.

Cazwell recently did a commercial spot for Snog, a frozen yogurt shop from Britain (w/locations also in Dubai and Rio De Janerio), they specialize in natural frozen yogurt treats & have a wide variety of really delicious sounding flavors, like: natural, green tea, passion fruit, pink guava, calamansi (which is apparently a citrus fruit), blueberry, spiced apple, chocolate, guanabana (which is a fascinating looking fruit from the Caribbean), mango, mandarine and strawberry (man, now I’m hungry for frozen yogurt lol).  You can check out the shop, if you’re someone in one of the areas where they’re located, be sure to check out their website.  The photo spot was done by Marco Ovando, and you can see the photos on Cazwell’s facebook page.  Be sure to check out his show Boombox on Here! TV, or at, its great!

Cazwell & his guns, promoting Snog Frozen Yogurt (available in Britain), photo by Marco Ovando

And a little more good news on the political front for our community, the justice department has filed a brief against DOMA, declaring it blatantly unconstitutional.  The brief urged US Appeals Court not to dismiss Karen Golinski’s case against the US Office of Personnel Management, and calling upon the court to acknowledge the unconstitutionality of this act.  You can read more about the specifics on the brief, as well as the brief itself here.
And thats your Vitamin Gay for today, thanks for reading, and remember, GAY PRIDE!!


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