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I WON!! I’m The King of Hearts!! July 10, 2011

Tonight was the first ever Portland King & Queen of Hearts pageant! I was competing for the position of king, and, as the title of tonights blog implies, I WON!! I’m the first ever Portland King of Hearts, which means I get to go to the sweethearts ball next year!! Yipee!  I got a crown & a septer that lights up (goofy props, but still…I WON!!! My first VICTORY!!) and, as I won, I figured I’d share the clips from the show with you all, apologies for the sound quality of the clips, my cameras mic SUCKS BALLS!
First clip is my look & question portion, you wont be able to hear what was asked or my answer but the question was: if you were a kitchen appliance what would you be? and I said I’d be a mixer, because I like to mix it up! (cheesy I know)…second is my talent number, in which I perform flagpole sitta by Harvey Danger (I have an amusing, very cartoonish prat fall toward the end, completely over balanced & fell right on my ass, and OH MAN am I gonna feel that one in the morning…I can feel it now frankly, oy)…the final clip is the crowning of yours truly and my Queen of Hearts, Miss Allie McQueen, who knows how to WORK IT OUT! (all these bitches do, it was FIERCE!) I look forward to representing with you!  I also want to congratulate Rebelle DeVitch & Miss Essential Lynn for doing SO WELL in their talent numbers, I’m glad I wasn’t a judge because I wouldn’t have been able to decide, you all did very well and should be very proud!
thats your Vitamin GAY for the day, hop you enjoyed it, take care or yourselves & remember GAY PRIDE!!

The King of Hearts & his throne, lounging at home after the nights victory!
I HAVE THE POWER!!! (to look like a total git lol)

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