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Modeling July 11, 2011

Today I did a model shoot w/photographer Michael Walter and it was a blast.  Got photos of three different looks, a few photos w/my dog & a few w/my partner, and I was able to get a couple photos of my final outfit (the one I wore saturday for the pageant) so you all could get a better look at it.
I love this collar, it makes me feel like a super villain w/high style lol.  Its dramatic, vibrant and leaves people awe struck.  One car was turning and paused as they were finishing their turn, a couple that was walking by asked if it was a shoot for a magazine lol (I wish) it was a LOT of fun.  So tonight is a few photos from the end of the shoot, when I’m wearing the big impressive collar.  Enjoy!
If I feel up to it later I might write something about M. Bachman’s husband the ex-gay counselor…he’s inspired a whole new meme on fark ‘he’s so gay he makes shore leave look like brock samson’ (and many more ribs that are quite amusing).  Also he’s apparently accepting medicare money for these ex-gay therapy services (which he denies he provides, so they sent someone in to do an expose’) which is fraudulent! so yeah, if I’m up to it later I’ve got a few things to say about that.
For now, enjoy the shiny, feathery collar! GAY PRIDE!!

The amazing feathered collar, all photos courtesy of Michael Walter photography (see his portfolio at the hotlink above)
Super Villain, I’m gonna go take over the world, I’ll be back for lunch 😉
I thought this was VERY Eddie Izzard…what do you think?
I intend to photo shop in a flame into my outstretched palm, thought it would look kinda cool

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