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Dan Savage on the Colbert Report July 15, 2011

Advice columnist Dan Savage on the Colbert Report, what a gem.  Stephen is funny as always, this time he has a hetero accountability buddy (random but amusing).  Frankly I’d like to see the two of them interact off camera when Stephen is out of character.  Their interaction is amusing as Dan get a bit flustered because Stephen is doing his word twisting bit and Dan really isn’t sure how to respond at a couple points, and at a brief point Stephen even breaks character for a moment.
If you’re not familiar w/Savage Love, the advice column that Mr. Savage writes, you should check it out.  He is apparently not only an advice columnist for the Seattle Stranger, but also the editorial director.  His column is also run in our local paper The Mercury, which is a free paper that puts out weekly issues full of useful local news, happenings and helpful classifieds.
In this interview on the Colbert Report, Dan & Stephen are discussing a statement Dan made about the idea that ‘monogamy should not be the main defining characteristic of a marriage’ (something I personally agree with), and the interview is definitely worth checking out…for some reason the embedded code doesn’t give us a video player window w/in the blog, so click the link below to check it out.
Enjoy! and remember GAY PRIDE!

Stephen Colbert (pic found via google image search)
Dan Savage (pic found via google image search)

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