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The ‘WE ARE NOT AFRAID’ March… July 20, 2011

To save time, I’m just going to copy the message from the event invite and give a link to the event page on facebook.  There have been a number of gay bashings here in Portland Oregon in the last couple months and we, as a community, have decided to stand together & say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This Saturday night we will be marching through down town Portland, around the Old Town/China Town district, and handing out ‘GLBTQ SAFE SPACE’ window signs to down town businesses who wish to get involved.  All who can attend, both from the community and its allies are encouraged to attend, more below.  Thank you for reading, and remember: GAY PRIDE!!

Oregon State Gay Pride Organization Portland Peace March July 23, 2011

At 11:00 p.m. on Saturday July 23rd, The Oregon State Gay Pride Organization (OSGPO) is leading a March on downtown Portland due to a rash of shameful gay bashings in our fair city. All Portlandians are invited to join the OSGPO, gathering in and around CC Slaughters on Davis, to show support for the GLBTQ community. The group will march throughout downtown wi…th the goal of raising awareness and tolerance for all, and offering GLBTQ SAFE SPACE window signs to all businesses wishing to partner in creating safe spaces downtown for the community. Come as you are, or show your colors with PRIDE, since costume dress is being encouraged at the event.

In light of the recent gay bashing hate crimes that have dishonored the City of Roses; the GLBTQ Community and Allies are marching in downtown Portland Saturday Night to show support for the unfortunate victims, in solidarity, and to spread the word for positive change and acceptance. Colorful attire is encouraged. Appropriate picket signs are also encouraged. (see “Gay Protest Signs” video on this wall should you need a little inspration…)

Let’s show the world what we are truly made of… Portland’s GLBTQ Community is PROUD OUT LOUD! Join us!

MARCH CHANT: We’re here | We’re Queer | We Won’t live in Fear!

ROUTE: The march will begin at 3rd and Davis and will head south on 3rd. The route will turn right at Couch (stopping at Hamburger Mary’s, Casey’s and Embers) and go west to NW 12th. Jeff has been told that Krystal Lynn will be waiting to see all of your faces as we pass the Embers Avenue! Then we will head south on 12th until we reach Stark at which point we will head east on Stark to 3rd. We will march north on 3rd avenue until we return to CC Slaughter’s.

Our permit requires us to obey traffic signs and laws, so please be responsible. In addition, there will be some police support as well as having the Q Patrol there and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. We are looking forward to seeing you all there! Please arrive at least by 1030 pm at CC Slaughter’s. The march will begin promptly at 11pm. Our permit also requires that we do not litter. Please be respectful to our city and retain all trash and dispose of it when we return to CC’s.

OSGPO is the brain child of gay-rights Activists Felicia Raissner, a web designer, and historian and photographer Jeffery Carr; and is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Oregon. Sunny Clark is our acting Media Coordinator, and is assisting in organizing the March. Our goal is to bring together all GLBTQ groups within the State and so build a community that is strong, supports each other, and will stand up for what we believe in. We want to unite all GLBTQ groups to cooperate together and support each other. UNITED WE CAN… wipe out Homophobia!

DONATIONS to offset costs are gratefully accepted and tax deductable: CHASE BANK account 916486137

You can RSVP as attending the event HERE.

We will not be intimidated!



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  1. I am definitely adding this blog to my supergay blogroll. Keep it up.

    You should see some traffic from my blog to yours.

    • vitamingay Says:

      thank you for the compliment 😀 and thank you for the endorsement 😀 hope you enjoy reading future posts

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