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BUSY Night July 24, 2011

My friend Lindy & me holding up the sign I made. July 23, 2011

tonight was a busy night, it starts out with my girl Wysskers texting me and asking ‘hey, did we want to meet at your place before the thing or were we meeting down town?’ and I’m like ? and she reminds me that its the ‘we are not afraid’ march tonight and it dawns on me that…its Saturday already? DOH! thankfully it didn’t start until 11pm, so we were still able to go (I didn’t get up until 8:16pm because I got to bed EXTRA late today 😛 ).
So we went down town, walked 1.41mi (I entered the route we took into the daily mile, useful site), and I was fine, until I finally found a water fountain to take a drink, which is where I slipped up on a small lip in the sidewalk and twisted my ankle, not severely, but just enough to hurt and make it swell & be painful 😛 . The march was a success, we were able to identify a bunch of new GLBT safe places (places people can go if they feel they might be in danger late at night), a number of the places were even gentlemens clubs, and their clients were all VERY polite and supportive of the march, we were very well received by just about everyone (I, personally, only over heard two negative remarks, one was an older homeless guy who said ‘you can be gay just don’t go around, being pushy…’and the rest i couldn’t understand because he started mumbling. another passerby I over heard say ‘no one cares’…to which I responded, clearly people do as there is a large group of us marching and we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the bar patrons we’ve passed. I doubt they heard though).
So yeah, if I don’t get around to posting a vlog video tonight I apologize as my feet are exhausted, I am exhausted, and I don’t know if I’ll be up to editing (I might later, we’ll see) but for now, I think I’m going to stretch out and watch some cartoons or something.
thanks for reading!


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