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Sexy Fingers- AIDS Awareness… July 30, 2011

The video below is a French made flash animation commercial to promote AIDS awareness & testing. It only takes one finger to test for AIDS, know your status, be responsible, get tested often if you’re a sexually active person! thank you for watching, sorry this entry is SO short, I’ve been SWAMPED with other projects, to keep up w/us and find out WTF we’ve been up to thats taking so much of our time & attention away from Vitamin Gay, follow our Autobiographical Blog/Vlog, my entertainment/comedy Blog and/or My Bliptv channel! 🙂 Vitamin Gay is actually kind of in the process of being incorporated as a Vlog segment of my comedy/entertainment review & recommendations show ‘Lets All Be Neurotic’ so if you really wanna keep up, follow one (or all ) of the links & subscribe to the RSS feed etc 😀


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