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Idiot Rabbi, Stupid Schools and a REALLY hilarious flash mob August 26, 2011

Got a few briefs and news articles to link you guys to…
First there is the obvious BULLSHIT of the idiot Rabbi (sorry other Rabbis, I like Jews & your culture, but this guy is a MORON) who claims, like many idiot christian preachers like to, that the current hell storm of natural disasters, specifically the recent earth quake, are being caused by the GAYS!!! You’re kidding right? where do you people come up with this shit? how STUPID and poorly informed about the mechanics of reality and the scientific world (oh right you don’t believe in SCIENCE) are you??? the GLBT community is responsible for plate techtonics??? UM…reality check, at least from your view point, um, i thought that was your precious GODS job??? i mean right? you say he’s responsible for everything else, doesn’t that include the weather?
Oh RIGHT you say its punishment for the gays…um then why is he killing indiscriminately w/the weather? i’m just asking, i mean from YOUR stated thought processes i’m just pointing out your logical fallacy you’ve just committed.
Secondly we’ve got a book that was yanked from a schools library reading list due to its lesbian content, bogus naturally, thats really ALL i have to say about this one, read the article.  Just the usual run of stupid bullshit excuses.
and finally, the HILARIOUS flash mob.  as you all know I am of the opinion that Mr. Bachman is a closet case (so is his wife frankly from the impression i get, again just me), and I’m not the ONLY one of this opinion.  He recently stated that us gays are just a bunch of barbarians who need DISCIPLINE!! discipline we need to we? well this is what a glitter bombing flash mob has to say about that (the correography wasn’t particularly tight, and i am NOT a fan of the song, SORRY gaga fanboys & gals but this song sucks, i like the phrase but this song just isn’t very good…again my opinion…but the idea and the message is excellent and the video is nonetheless PRICELESS! enjoy and GAY PRIDE!!


Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors are BEAUTIFUL August 25, 2011

Cyndi Lauper announced something wonderful, she has announced plans to open a safe haven for the GLBT youth in New York.  The foundation is called True Colors and its intent is to help out the disproportionately large number of homeless youth that identify as GLBT.  Apparently approx. 40% of the homeless youth there identify as GLBT, who often face discrimination and even physical attacks in their day to day lives on the street.  As is often the case for homeless GLBT youth, many of these kids were kicked out by their families/parents and that is why they are on the street, its a sad sad thing in my opinion that parents who supposedly LOVE their children, so often disown them because they don’t adhere to the parents idea of what/who they are and where their lives are going, its sickening.
The group will be starting from the ground up so all the residents will have a modern living space w/studio apts. w/affordable rent and access to resources like counseling and career advice.  You can read more about it here.

I’d like to say: THANK YOU Cyndi for stepping up and doing this, we need to see more of this sort of thing going on.
Thats your Vitamin Gay brief for the night, much love and remember GAY PRIDE!


Perry & the Bachmans August 22, 2011

What oh WHAT can we say about these people? other than the fact that they’re a group of hypocritical slime bags who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere NEAR a public office seat…lets see…
Well, we’ve mentioned on here before that Mr. Bachman is an ex-gay minister, which nearly 100% of the time points to being a gay who’s just pushed themselves back into the closet & then goes out encouraging other gays to do the same.  On top of that it would appear that he & Michelle are mutual beards for one another (I base this on the observation that those who are most vehemently against homosexuality and anything there pertaining are those the deepest in the closet…again I site former incidents of anti-gay politicians being caught at places like glory holes or in bed w/male prostitutes…as well as the fact that, when cornered in a ladies room after a speech and asked questions by a lesbian couple she ran in terror from the bathroom screaming about being held against her will by a couple of crazed lesbians…projection  much honey???), until further light comes to the subject this is all speculation though 😉 (but I’m probably right).  Further more there is the fact that Bachman has recently hired a confessed & convicted antigay terrorist (Peter Waldron) as a senior staffer on her campaign (that looks REAL good…well, too her base it actually does.  and I don’t know about the rest of ya’ll but I am DEEPLY terrified by the idea that there are actually people out there of the mentality that all gays should be rounded up and shot…um, Nazis ring a bell guys, yeah thats who YOU sound like, not trying to go godwin but still, thats what THEY did).
There is also apparently that Rick Perry is just another self hating Mary, but again, its all speculation, though I will say, judging by my gaydar, he definitely registers on mine.  There is also the fact that he was apparently caught taking bribes from bank of America AND invested heavily in a major porn magazine company (ahhhh those GOOD OL’ AMERICAN FAMILY VALUES EH 😉 good to see how true they ring).
In short, it would appear that the Republicans continue to insist on making being completely antigay everything (as well as anti health care, taxes etc) the corner stones of their political platforms, and they seem to destroy their electability upon entering the race.  I find all of the discovery thats been going on, keep in mind public figures, in the age of the internet, if you piss off the masses, the skeletons can and WILL come out of YOUR personal closet, for all to see.
this has been a Vitamin Gay political rant…hope you enjoyed it! I’m off to find something FABULOUS to do, certainly better than being a self hating prick like these douches! (tell me I’m wrong! lol)

AND, on a COMPLETELY unrelated note, I’d like to point you all over to one of my other blogs, to check out my latest video creation 😀 its a dream/nightmare sequence and I think its my best piece yet!


Who DIDN’T See This One Coming? August 17, 2011

OK…so we all know that New York state passed a same sex marriage resolution that took effect a few weeks ago, and who’d a thunk it, but there’s a clerk at the registrars who refuses to sign gay marriage licenses because its against her religion. (read all about it HERE)

If I was this persons boss I would give them a warning, letting them know that YES you ARE entitled to YOUR religious beliefs, however when you took this job you AGREED to sign marriage licenses, that is your JOB.  If you continue to fail to do your job, you will be let go…and if they continue to do so FIRE THEM.  I’m sorry but its the same thing as it is with a pharmacist who happens to be christian refusing to fill birth control prescriptions, um YOUR JOB is that of a pharmacist, YOU fill the prescription and keep your damned religious beliefs to yourself! Religions is NOT in your job description and in no case do you have the right to force your beliefs on someone else especially not in such a manner.

Sorry this entry is so brief and that I haven’t been writing as much but I feel redundant if I write too often about politics etc.  because really I have the same thing to say about most of the political shit happening these days as its all (or seems to be) religiously related…churches whining about endoctrinating their childrens, projection much? etc and so forth and oh lordy lord TEH GAYS CAN MARRY!! TIS THE END TIMES FO SHO!! just gets old…been trying to focus on the positive in my life and life in general…to keep up with me when i’m not updating this written blog, follow my Vlogs LETS ALL BE NEUROTIC and WELCOME TO MY CELL (hotlinked), and thank you as always for reading :), your viewership is appreciated! much love and GAY PRIDE!

Pretty flowers in front of one of the houses I pass daily on my way to the market in the AM.


Trailer for Ep. 1.2 of LABN Queer Duck August 9, 2011

This week on LABN we’re reviewing Queer Duck! here’s the trailer:



LABN & VITAMIN GAY August 6, 2011

Because my show is mostly queer culture based (mostly) and because I’m folding VITAMIN GAY into it as an independent Vlog segment of the show, I figured I’d share with those of you who read this blog, the first episode of my web show ‘Lets All Be Neurotic’ Hope you like it, please be sure to comment & tell me what you think. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!



A little slideshow treat August 1, 2011

Did this up this morning special for you guys, hope you enjoy it…its a slide show of a BUNCH of my macro nature photography set to music by the band Earth Trybe, its a rainbow of natural color & I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.