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Who DIDN’T See This One Coming? August 17, 2011

OK…so we all know that New York state passed a same sex marriage resolution that took effect a few weeks ago, and who’d a thunk it, but there’s a clerk at the registrars who refuses to sign gay marriage licenses because its against her religion. (read all about it HERE)

If I was this persons boss I would give them a warning, letting them know that YES you ARE entitled to YOUR religious beliefs, however when you took this job you AGREED to sign marriage licenses, that is your JOB.  If you continue to fail to do your job, you will be let go…and if they continue to do so FIRE THEM.  I’m sorry but its the same thing as it is with a pharmacist who happens to be christian refusing to fill birth control prescriptions, um YOUR JOB is that of a pharmacist, YOU fill the prescription and keep your damned religious beliefs to yourself! Religions is NOT in your job description and in no case do you have the right to force your beliefs on someone else especially not in such a manner.

Sorry this entry is so brief and that I haven’t been writing as much but I feel redundant if I write too often about politics etc.  because really I have the same thing to say about most of the political shit happening these days as its all (or seems to be) religiously related…churches whining about endoctrinating their childrens, projection much? etc and so forth and oh lordy lord TEH GAYS CAN MARRY!! TIS THE END TIMES FO SHO!! just gets old…been trying to focus on the positive in my life and life in general…to keep up with me when i’m not updating this written blog, follow my Vlogs LETS ALL BE NEUROTIC and WELCOME TO MY CELL (hotlinked), and thank you as always for reading :), your viewership is appreciated! much love and GAY PRIDE!

Pretty flowers in front of one of the houses I pass daily on my way to the market in the AM.


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