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Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors are BEAUTIFUL August 25, 2011

Cyndi Lauper announced something wonderful, she has announced plans to open a safe haven for the GLBT youth in New York.  The foundation is called True Colors and its intent is to help out the disproportionately large number of homeless youth that identify as GLBT.  Apparently approx. 40% of the homeless youth there identify as GLBT, who often face discrimination and even physical attacks in their day to day lives on the street.  As is often the case for homeless GLBT youth, many of these kids were kicked out by their families/parents and that is why they are on the street, its a sad sad thing in my opinion that parents who supposedly LOVE their children, so often disown them because they don’t adhere to the parents idea of what/who they are and where their lives are going, its sickening.
The group will be starting from the ground up so all the residents will have a modern living space w/studio apts. w/affordable rent and access to resources like counseling and career advice.  You can read more about it here.

I’d like to say: THANK YOU Cyndi for stepping up and doing this, we need to see more of this sort of thing going on.
Thats your Vitamin Gay brief for the night, much love and remember GAY PRIDE!


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