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Idiot Rabbi, Stupid Schools and a REALLY hilarious flash mob August 26, 2011

Got a few briefs and news articles to link you guys to…
First there is the obvious BULLSHIT of the idiot Rabbi (sorry other Rabbis, I like Jews & your culture, but this guy is a MORON) who claims, like many idiot christian preachers like to, that the current hell storm of natural disasters, specifically the recent earth quake, are being caused by the GAYS!!! You’re kidding right? where do you people come up with this shit? how STUPID and poorly informed about the mechanics of reality and the scientific world (oh right you don’t believe in SCIENCE) are you??? the GLBT community is responsible for plate techtonics??? UM…reality check, at least from your view point, um, i thought that was your precious GODS job??? i mean right? you say he’s responsible for everything else, doesn’t that include the weather?
Oh RIGHT you say its punishment for the gays…um then why is he killing indiscriminately w/the weather? i’m just asking, i mean from YOUR stated thought processes i’m just pointing out your logical fallacy you’ve just committed.
Secondly we’ve got a book that was yanked from a schools library reading list due to its lesbian content, bogus naturally, thats really ALL i have to say about this one, read the article.  Just the usual run of stupid bullshit excuses.
and finally, the HILARIOUS flash mob.  as you all know I am of the opinion that Mr. Bachman is a closet case (so is his wife frankly from the impression i get, again just me), and I’m not the ONLY one of this opinion.  He recently stated that us gays are just a bunch of barbarians who need DISCIPLINE!! discipline we need to we? well this is what a glitter bombing flash mob has to say about that (the correography wasn’t particularly tight, and i am NOT a fan of the song, SORRY gaga fanboys & gals but this song sucks, i like the phrase but this song just isn’t very good…again my opinion…but the idea and the message is excellent and the video is nonetheless PRICELESS! enjoy and GAY PRIDE!!


2 Responses to “Idiot Rabbi, Stupid Schools and a REALLY hilarious flash mob”

  1. I wrote a post about why I think all this “glitter bombing” is, quite frankly, immature and bad for the cause of gay rights.

    I don’t know if you have thought about it that way, but here’s a link. It might make you think about it a little differently.

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