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Update on the anti-gay church September 22, 2011

apparently talks have been opened up between the communities and they’re reached some sort of agreement or something (i don’t know), and thus the rally has been canceled…this, unfortunately, comes across to me a bit like our community allowing itself to be placated again by a promise of ‘oh we DONT want to convert you, OR encourage people to HATE you, oh no no no, thats not what we’re about’…NO, not at all, its only in your NAME…you call yourself an anti-gay church…i don’t know what that means in YOUR version of the English language but in ours it means HOMOPHOBIC ASSHOLE CONGREGATION, more specifically one that encourages and tries to promote hatred and intimidation toward our community when we have done NOTHING to them. So yeah, i have mixed feelings about the rally having been called off and i’ll keep my ears open and let you know if/when i hear anything else.  Kinda lame if ya ask me (and no, its not that I have issue w/coming to a peaceful solution, the rally would have been peaceful too, its the whole impression that i get that our community is kinda, just FINE with a group moving into town to actively preach hatred and we’re not even really gonna do anything? oooook, color me confused)


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