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Photo transition progress update September 23, 2011

the upper body work out is working, i don’t have to strike any of my practiced poses or slouching to hit my bust anymore πŸ˜€ you can’t really see my boobs anymore if i’m just standing there in a photo, its GREAT! now i just need heavier weights, all i’m doing currently is maintaining tone, i have tiny 3lb weights, i need some 5 & 10lb weights to lift at this point. In short, I’m really happy w/how i’m looking these days…and the less work my future surgery requires, the less tissue they have to remove etc, the less it will cost πŸ˜€ and the faster i will heal (though such a thing is FAR off in my future still at this point).

I don't have to slouch or strike a special pose any more to hide my boobs πŸ˜€ HURRAY! the upper body workout is working!


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