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sorry for not posting October 27, 2011

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just a brief note to say SUPER sorry for not having posted anything like all month 😦 i feel bad that i neglect this blog so much but like i’ve said before, i feel redundant just saying the same things over & over again (right wing sucks, anti gay politics suck, BOOO TO THEM, etc :P), ya’ll know how i feel about it.  I’ll try & do a gay art post or actor recognition or something soon, i’ve been sick off & on (tis the season) and naturally of late i’ve been VERY busy getting ready for halloween party this weekend (i’m going as Jesus HAHAHAHAHA this should be a RIOT).

to all my readers who follow, i thank you and i wish to let you know i do try to post but of late the inspiration well has been dry & i’ve been trying to get involved w/the occupy movement etc.  Money is tight, life is HELLA stressful and i’m just TRYING my damndest not to punch people in the face ya know 😛 very stressful season.  and its only going to get worse as more & more people realize, there really isn’t going to be much of a holiday this winter season, i feel sorry for all the kids who wont get xmas, i’ve been there.  much of whats been eating lately is depression over the fact that i just realized the other day that i have never been above the poverty line at ANY point in my life, this is why we’re w/the occupation and there are MANY people in the occupation w/similar stories, we’re damned fed up & we want the playing field leveled a bit mother fuckers!

so yeah, sorry i don’t post much, i haven’t forgotten you, i just haven’t had much news to post of late (been trying NOT to think too much, which for me is utterly impossible, its all i ever do, been knitting up a store trying to take my mind off shit).  *hugs* much love and hopes that you all have a great holiday season this year and that you all have a safe & happy haunt filled halloween this weekend 😀 (going to a costume party at one of the bars down town w/a bunch of friends, i’m so excited, i LOVE costumes and i like never get out so i’m really looking forward to it)