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A lil culture :D March 25, 2012

Wanted to share a couple of lovely videos from this French play/musical my sister in law brought to our attention, its titled ‘1789 les amants de la Bastille’ and it is epically amazing. The choreography, costumes, music, everything is just visually inspired and comes together just perfectly, i love everything about it, i must say.
so, i hope you enjoy these lovely videos and the music there in. And while it isn’t directly GLBT related, our community is a reccognized force in the entertainment and particularly the theater community, so i figure it works anyway (plus, HOT LEAPING FRENCHMEN, YOW!!! or perhaps OO LA LA 😉 <3) (also, the first one, is one i have EVERY intention of performing at some point as i am well known for my foreign musical selections :D)
much love!


brief post, had to share… March 2, 2012

ALL I can say about this is…ME TOO…me too (be sure you have some tissue handy, YOU’LL NEED IT, trust).