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RPDR Queens, music video extravaganza! April 29, 2012

MANY of the queens of Rupaul’s Drag Race have gone forward from the show to do multi city tours, photo spreads, and much, much more, including many of them following directly in Ru’s footsteps and taking a stab at the music industry, below are some of my favorites from the queens of former seasons.  CHEERS!

I LOVED this! talk about a cultural explosion! expose yourself to some true African Spirit! CAMEROON!!

HOT COUTURE! I am IN LOVE with this song & video (prepare for a joy filled tear jerking scene toward the end if you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll be so happy for that lil boy, at the 2:45 mark :D)

its no Hot Couture, but its got a very 90s, spice girl look & feel to it and its an ok song, I look forward to seeing what else Savanah produces, I’m sure she’ll get better w/time πŸ™‚

disapointed i couldn’t find a music video for it, but its exactly what i expected from Miss NINA FLOWERS! She’s a professional club DJ and this is totally the sort of sound I expected, work it NINA! (anyone else hearin a lil ‘pump up da jam’? πŸ˜‰ )

about what I expected out of Miss Tati, a lil auto tuned for my taste but I can see this bein very big at the club.

Behind the scenes of the absolute commercial 2012-

The actual commercial-

hope ya’ll enjoyed this lil bit of update on the former girls of RPDR, I know I enjoye stumbling into these videos tonight :). until next time, CHEERS! much love!




A new bill has been passed that will make discrimination based on being trans in regards to employment ILLEGAL! *throws confetti* what a wonderful piece of news, no? it still doesn’t deliver us protection from discrimination in regards to housing, but hey, its a BIG step in the right direction and I’m sure, with work, we’ll push through to get our protection in that area soon enough!

As a citizen living in Oregon, and more specifically Multnomah county, I already enjoyed such protection, but I am THRILLED that its finally being spread on the full blown national level.Β  Discrimination based on being trans is gender discrimination which we have already declared illegal but just to drive it home here’s a LIL reinforcement :D.Β  Here’s a link to the article.Β  *uncorks champagne* so lift your glass & drink a toast to our community, here’s to a WONDERFUL landmark decision on the part of our national government, here’s to more decisions like it in the future and here’s to the eventual END of discrimination across the board! CHEERS QUEERS! πŸ˜‰ MUCH LOVE! ❀



Wanted to say Happy Birthday to the FABULOUS George Takei who is 75 today, and still GORGEOUS AS EVAH!

here is an ADORABLE fan made music video by the band ‘Five Year Mission’ and you can believe i’ll be looking into the rest of their work here very soon because this song was awesome and they’re all just cute as a button! (i have also added on a few other George clips for your enjoyment :D) enjoy & George/Sulu, we salute you!



DILFS & Foxxy Grandpas (older men I find HOT) April 19, 2012

decided i’d just do something fun as a brief filler (i am honestly trying to blog more often on here, i’m finally done w/the wedding and have had a vacation to revive myself, so i’ll do my bet, as always i just don’t like to be repeatative), so i thought i’d do a fun lil filler entry of what i call ‘Foxxy Grandpas’, older menΒ  (mostly actors) who i’d TOTALLY do, despite their being old enough to be not just my dad but my GRAND DAD some of them…but they’re aging well and lookin GORGEOUS! work it out you hot DILFS & foxxy grandpas!

First, because he was one of my orginal boy crushes, the fabulous Mr. George Takei. (be sure to wish him happy birthday tomorrow on his face book)

Here's one so you can see his face πŸ™‚ still so handsome after all these years

Hannibal Lecter himself, the gorgeous Mr. Anthony Hopkins, he has a voice that makes me melt like butter (he narrated the live action Grinch film...was the best thing about the movie I felt)

Detective John Munch (actor Richard Belzer) has appeared on at least five different tv shows, pretty impressive for his character. I loved him best in Law & Order SVU.

Alan Alda, loved him in MASH, he was a big influence on me and a bit of a father figure since I started watching MASH around age 5.

Another veteran of the MASH tv series, David Ogden Stiers, another voice that melts me like butter πŸ˜€ rather handsome, even to this day

Stephen Fry, not just gorgeous but FABULOUSLY FLAMING too, something i didn't actually know until recently, I love him to bits. and as he says 'I'd rather be sexy & racy, than sexist and racist' πŸ˜‰

Captain Adama, Mr. Edward James Olmos, a very in charge looking man. I thought he really owned that roll in BSG...probably one of my favorite characters next to Cavil.

Speaking of brother Cavil, Dean Stockwell ain't lookin too shabby either.

And while we're on geek crushes, we can't leave out Pat Stewart, as far as I'm concerned, the BEST captain the enterprise ever had! (oh yeah, i went there, Picard > Kirk)

While I'm not a big harry potter fan (not really a fan at all actually, sorry, just not my bag) I DO love Allan Rickman, mmmm ❀

String of sexy brits here i realize, Michael Caine, need i say more (i LOVE this photo, i have those same glasses)

Rowan Atkinson, while most of you know him as Mr. Bean, the goofy fella w/the silly face, I am far more familiar w/him as the character Blackadder, the coniving bastard through the ages who always gets the short end of the stick. He's handsome, he's talented, and he's got a great voice! (and a GORGEOUS NOSE!)

Martin Crane, actor John Mahoney, still looking amazing. I LOVE the beard πŸ™‚

Steve Buscemi...hey, don't judge me LOL

Tony Shalhoub, Adrian Monk, need I say more...I really don't know what to say, I just love him. He's so handsome & swarthy πŸ˜€ ❀

And the last one for this entry, F. Murray Abraham...I have had the hots for him since I saw 'Amadaeus' in 6th grade...LOVE HIM

(**NOTE- something you MAY notice is that many of these men have rather large noses…its a personal taste thing LOL)