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RPDR Queens, music video extravaganza! April 29, 2012

MANY of the queens of Rupaul’s Drag Race have gone forward from the show to do multi city tours, photo spreads, and much, much more, including many of them following directly in Ru’s footsteps and taking a stab at the music industry, below are some of my favorites from the queens of former seasons.  CHEERS!

I LOVED this! talk about a cultural explosion! expose yourself to some true African Spirit! CAMEROON!!

HOT COUTURE! I am IN LOVE with this song & video (prepare for a joy filled tear jerking scene toward the end if you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll be so happy for that lil boy, at the 2:45 mark :D)

its no Hot Couture, but its got a very 90s, spice girl look & feel to it and its an ok song, I look forward to seeing what else Savanah produces, I’m sure she’ll get better w/time 🙂

disapointed i couldn’t find a music video for it, but its exactly what i expected from Miss NINA FLOWERS! She’s a professional club DJ and this is totally the sort of sound I expected, work it NINA! (anyone else hearin a lil ‘pump up da jam’? 😉 )

about what I expected out of Miss Tati, a lil auto tuned for my taste but I can see this bein very big at the club.

Behind the scenes of the absolute commercial 2012-

The actual commercial-

hope ya’ll enjoyed this lil bit of update on the former girls of RPDR, I know I enjoye stumbling into these videos tonight :). until next time, CHEERS! much love!


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