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RIP Maurice Sendak, You Will Not Be Forgotten… May 9, 2012

Tonights blog is actually going to be something different than anticipated, last night I said the next article I typed you would be on the subject of the incredibly gay cast of Frasier, we’ll get to that another night.

This morning I got word via the internet that one of my favorite childhood authors who was very influential on my life both as a child and even now, had passed away.  That author, as I’m sure most of you already read, was Maurice Sendak, beloved author of two of my favorite children’s stories ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and ‘In the Night Kitchen’.  The reason I’m writing about him here is because, some of you may not have known, he was one of us.  He was gay and he was never able to fully come out.  I had no idea.

I wanted to share w/you a very special reading of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, read by Christopher Walken (one of my favorite actors) in his charming voice, I think its the best reading I’ve ever heard myself.  In short, if Mr. Sendak was someone who encouraged your imagination to run wild, take a quite moment, sit back and honor his memory w/this lovely reading.  Its very soothing :).  Mr. Sendak, you will be dearly, dearly missed, you were a wonderful author & illustrator and your books will live on forever.

R.I.P. Maurice Bernard Sendak June 10, 1928- May 8, 2012

I also wish to promote the following artist & their etsy shop, they sell adorable cards & stationary and one of their sections is dedicated to quotes from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’


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