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take a min to tell ‘cake boss’ what you think of how they treat the T community June 12, 2012

friends, I come to you today to ask that you help spread the word about this very unfortunate incident involving a show on TLC called ‘cake boss‘ (i honestly have no idea what that is, nor do i care to find out after the shit they pulled), who had our girl Carmen Carrera on an episode and said they would use the proper and respectful terms to describe her and then blatantly threw in a ‘whoa thats a MAN’ moment…WTF people, where do you get off?

The incident reasonably upset poor Carmen, apparently made her cry even (poor girl, i would too), and i ask that you sign the petition along w/me to send them a message that this sort of behavior is shamefully wrong and that they should publically apologize for this bullshit because it is NOT ok.

You think its FUN being born into the wrong body fuckers? you think its FUN to make fun of trans individuals & people w/GID? you have no heart!  people w/this problem frequently commit suicide because they just can’t COPE with the way society treats us like circus freaks, we are NOT some side show attraction for you to gawk at people, we are REAL people just like you, w/REAL emotions and the shit you pull frankly is so incredibly hurtful sometimes that you’re luck trans people are largely non-violent unless they’re actively being threatened at the moment because i’d hate to see what would happen if we weren’t.

If Carmen walked down the street, and you had no familiarity w/Rupaul’s drag race, or who Carmen was, you WOULD NOT be able to clock that! that is an unclockable, 100% passable piece of hot female right there! and you had no right to call her out like that on public television of ALL places you scum.

thats my two cents on the subject, Carmen honey I’m sorry you had to go through that, its not right and I sincerely hope they publicly apologize like they should.  *hugs* stay strong girl! much love to you & all my trans sisters & bros.

PS- HAPPY FUCKIN PRIDE MONTH *RAINBOW CONFETTI* go out there and get you some! (some booze, some hot ass, some partyin it up, whatever you want, its pride and its a month long mardi gras ALL OVER the country! WOOO!…someone slam some tequila for me since i can’t drink 😉 LOL)


The gloves are OFF…a RANT! May 9, 2012




I have said before in recent months, but just in case y’all missed it, I call things like i see em and I’m done being a meek, polite, sugar coating pansy about the blatant BULLSHIT that TONS of people in this country need to be called out on NOW!
Sometimes you gotta be tactless to drive a point home, but it is time to STOP w/the ignorance, stop w/the bullshit and STOP w/the willful stupidity and the belief that YOUR OPINION is as good and/or valid as actual facts etc.
there is a topic being debated in our country right now, though as i see it its not much of a debate, the question is equal rights for some or equal rights for all…the constitution says we’re all equal, thats the supreme law of the land is it not? then i do NOT see what the FUCK the debate is…sign the fucking protection bill into law, tell the whining cultural backlashers who REFUSE to catch up to the reality that the world is NOT STUCK IN 1950 w/THEIR BRAINS and its time to move on, whether they like it or not, the rest of us damn well are going to.
you ever look at those people w/the end of the world is nigh signs and scoff? its true…for them…what they mean is, the end of MY WORLD, the end of MY COMFORTABLE little reality that i built for MYSELF, MY PLACE that I GREW UP IN, that world is not just ending, its GONE! they’re in a state of severe culture shock, but they’ve had HALF A CENTURY to catch up at this point to the new knowledge and reality that shit ain’t what it used to be, the game is different now and we ALL have a say.  your world HAS ended…GET THE FUCK OVER IT AND STOP YOUR FUCKING CRYING! this issue is NO DIFFERENT that interracial marriage which is perfectly commonplace now, you’ve mostly gotten over that, I’m sure you’ll get over this too, or you’ll croak first, frankly since most of you who voted in favor of this are OLD FUCKS thats the most likely and GOOD RIDDANCE, the world will be better w/out you.  I don’t much care. life will go on w/or w/out your approval people. ACCEPT IT!
I want to make one last thing perfectly clear…i don’t HATE these people, what i hate is what they have turned this country into, a place where a love like mine & Blaine’s is spat upon, while people who don’t even fully appreciate this PRIVILEGE get to have a piece of paper that allows them to share in all things equally in a legally binding fashion, this is a privilege we ALL DESERVE and we ALL have every RIGHT TO! what i feel for these people is bottomless pity, i feel nothing but sadness when i think of them…because they are EMPTY inside and they hate themselves, and that is why they choose to project it onto the rest of the world.  and more than anything it breaks my heart, because its just sad to know that there are SO MANY people like that out there, who believe that behaving so inhumanly to their fellow man/woman is perfectly acceptable and right.  That is what i feel.
Thank you.

NC, y’all know what you can do…kiss my taint!

PS- a lil more food for thought, it takes 38 states to push through a constitutional amendment, currently 25 states have banned same sex marriage w/their state constitutions and 4 have statutes against it…the map is a little unclear about the states that are stripped two colors but thats at least 29 states confirmed outlawed the practice…thats a very terrifying & disheartening fact if you’re one of us…something to think about when it comes knocking on the door of the senate of YOUR home state…DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!! if we don’t, they WILL win, and then…we’re all screwed…


brief post, had to share… March 2, 2012

ALL I can say about this is…ME TOO…me too (be sure you have some tissue handy, YOU’LL NEED IT, trust).


Dear Anti-Gay church on Belmont- WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT!! September 7, 2011

it was brought to my attention this evening that apparently this whole anti-gay evangelical  movement has moved from the outskirts and the suburbs RIGHT into my neighborhood here in SE and you know what, WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT!!!
there was a protest planned for their opening day which was scheduled for Sept 10th but has been put on hold due to the Belmont street fair being that weekend and the fact that it would have caused a parking fiasco for anyone in attendance to either event.  So as soon as they have their opening day, we’ll be there in force to protest this promotion of hatred & abuse directed at our community, this is 2011 NOT 1950 brothers & sisters, THIS WILL NOT STAND!
I invited those of you who live in PDX to join myself and as many as i can gather to perform a flash mob choreographed to Twisted Sister’s “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT” because you know what mother fuckers, WERE NOT GONNA TAKE IT! NO WE AINT GONNA TAKE IT, ANY MORE!!!!

You can find me on the event page on Facebook Email me on there to let me know you’d like to be involved and let me know the best way to get ahold of you to let you know when we’ll be meeting for rehearsals, lets show these bitches who they’re messin with!


A little slideshow treat August 1, 2011

Did this up this morning special for you guys, hope you enjoy it…its a slide show of a BUNCH of my macro nature photography set to music by the band Earth Trybe, its a rainbow of natural color & I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.



Sexy Fingers- AIDS Awareness… July 30, 2011

The video below is a French made flash animation commercial to promote AIDS awareness & testing. It only takes one finger to test for AIDS, know your status, be responsible, get tested often if you’re a sexually active person! thank you for watching, sorry this entry is SO short, I’ve been SWAMPED with other projects, to keep up w/us and find out WTF we’ve been up to thats taking so much of our time & attention away from Vitamin Gay, follow our Autobiographical Blog/Vlog, my entertainment/comedy Blog and/or My Bliptv channel! 🙂 Vitamin Gay is actually kind of in the process of being incorporated as a Vlog segment of my comedy/entertainment review & recommendations show ‘Lets All Be Neurotic’ so if you really wanna keep up, follow one (or all ) of the links & subscribe to the RSS feed etc 😀


We Are Not Afraid March (rough cut of the video) July 26, 2011

Rough/unedited cut of the footage I recorded from the ‘We Are Not Afraid’ march that happened Sat. 23 July, 2011 here in Portland, Oregon. I’ll be posting a shorter, edited high lights reel at a later point in the week (when i’m not workin my ass off on three other projects all at once lol). So heres the rough footage of the march, I apologize for the shaky quality of the footage, I WAS walking at the time and I did my best to keep it as steady as possible most of the time. Also, as always, the sound is crap because my mic sucks 😛
*had to cut it up into 3 parts for length issues on youtube