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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself… July 1, 2011

Young, gay, & FABULOUS! I’m a photographer & performer! I enjoy fashion design, art, music and when I can getting out to the club. I have OCD & severe PTSD and I’ve got fairly severe social anxiety, so I don’t get out often, but I’m working on it(I’m complicated). I LOVE to dance and I design a lot of my own costumes for my performing. You can check out my various artistic works at the following hot-linked pages.  See my fashion design work, my full art assortment (raw & edited), my professional photography portfolio, AND my Youtube channel.

I specialize in still image media (photography, sketching, painting, etc) but recently I’ve started to branch out into A/V with Vloging and mixing music.  Once I put together an intro to me Vlog, I’ll post it here.

Self Portrait, circa June 7, 2011


2 Responses to “Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…”

  1. the wuc Says:

    Love the name of your blog!

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