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take a min to tell ‘cake boss’ what you think of how they treat the T community June 12, 2012

friends, I come to you today to ask that you help spread the word about this very unfortunate incident involving a show on TLC called ‘cake boss‘ (i honestly have no idea what that is, nor do i care to find out after the shit they pulled), who had our girl Carmen Carrera on an episode and said they would use the proper and respectful terms to describe her and then blatantly threw in a ‘whoa thats a MAN’ moment…WTF people, where do you get off?

The incident reasonably upset poor Carmen, apparently made her cry even (poor girl, i would too), and i ask that you sign the petition along w/me to send them a message that this sort of behavior is shamefully wrong and that they should publically apologize for this bullshit because it is NOT ok.

You think its FUN being born into the wrong body fuckers? you think its FUN to make fun of trans individuals & people w/GID? you have no heart!  people w/this problem frequently commit suicide because they just can’t COPE with the way society treats us like circus freaks, we are NOT some side show attraction for you to gawk at people, we are REAL people just like you, w/REAL emotions and the shit you pull frankly is so incredibly hurtful sometimes that you’re luck trans people are largely non-violent unless they’re actively being threatened at the moment because i’d hate to see what would happen if we weren’t.

If Carmen walked down the street, and you had no familiarity w/Rupaul’s drag race, or who Carmen was, you WOULD NOT be able to clock that! that is an unclockable, 100% passable piece of hot female right there! and you had no right to call her out like that on public television of ALL places you scum.

thats my two cents on the subject, Carmen honey I’m sorry you had to go through that, its not right and I sincerely hope they publicly apologize like they should.  *hugs* stay strong girl! much love to you & all my trans sisters & bros.

PS- HAPPY FUCKIN PRIDE MONTH *RAINBOW CONFETTI* go out there and get you some! (some booze, some hot ass, some partyin it up, whatever you want, its pride and its a month long mardi gras ALL OVER the country! WOOO!…someone slam some tequila for me since i can’t drink 😉 LOL)


The INCREDIBLY Gay Cast of Frasier, SURPRISE! May 30, 2012

It is all to well known a fact that I am an avid fan of the 1990s NBC sitcom ‘Frasier’ and have been ever since my youth (around age 13), I started watching the early season reruns in the mid 90s and then, once I had caught up to the current story arch, I started catching it in prime time.  For whatever reason my family weren’t fans of the show (probably too intelligent for them…sad but true) but I had always been naturally drawn to it.  It was often asserted by my friends at school that the show was ‘so gay’ and around my freshmen year actor David Hyde Pierce, who played Niles Crane, came out of the closet after much speculation on the part of the general public and media.  It made a lot of sense to me and more over it made sense that he was the character I was most drawn to.

Well, in recent years I downloaded the entire series and have been enjoying it in my free time, often times I throw on a playlist of my favorite episodes to listen to while I sleep, and, naturally, I have become interested in Frasier trivia…its the natural path of any fandom, you want to know all about it.  Well, it turns out that David wasn’t the ONLY gay actor playing it ‘straight’ on the show…in fact it seems producer & main star Kelsey Grammer has a bit of a thing for putting gay actors in straight rolls and having straight characters mistaken for gay for comedic purposes.  One of these I’m sure most of my fellow Frasier fans have already guessed but I’m betting the other two will surprise you ever bit as much as they did me.

We’ll start w/actor Edward Hibbert AKA Gil Chesterton, KACL’s premier food critic and absolutely flaming fop.  On a number of occasions Gil has gone out of his way to ‘IN’ himself, as Frasier put it, by mentioning his ‘wife’ (more mutual beard as she is most likely a lesbian, it is HEAVILY implied) Deb whom his coworkers all assumed was his cat.  He rants about how people are so presumptuous and that ‘honestly, just because a man dresses well and knows how to use a pastry bag makes people jump to wild conclusions!’ (Season 5, episode 17 ‘the perfect guy’).  However, off & on throughout the series it is continually hinted that the character Gil is in fact gay and in the third episode of season 11 ‘The Doctor is Out’, the audience is finally given a nod that yes, Gil is indeed on the ‘down low’ and as queer as a football bat, when he is seen lurking outside bad billy’s reading the paper when Roz & her boyfriend approach to enter her apt. after they go upstairs he tosses the paper on the stack and runs down stairs after straightening his bow tie.  As I have mentioned in a prior post on the blog, actor Edward Hibbert is one of our fine gay actors & advocates for our queer rights.  Finding this out was about as surprising as learning that David was gay, a pleasant surprise but hardly shocking :).

NO, the real surprise are the two actors who’s characters play it so straight you probably never would have suspected.  That would be actors Dan Butler (Bulldog Brisko) and John Mahoney…OMG SHUT UP :O! (no wonder he ended up on my foxy grandpa list…when I was first looking up cast members a few months ago I pulled up an image of him to see how he was aging and was like ‘yeah, I’d totally hit that’ 😉 mystery solved) for real real, he’s well known in the Chicago GLBT scene, though he’s not out to the general public in the sense that no one has ever asked him and he has never felt the need to make a public statement about it.  Understandable given the generation he’s from, he learned to fake it really well to avoid getting beaten up doubtless.  Even if he’s not out entirely, at the very least he knows he can go around his neighborhood etc. w/out being harassed about it etc.

Upon finding out about the later two I was stunned ridged, it explains why those were the characters I was always most drawn too (not unlike my natural draw to George Takei as Sulu in original star trek), and I never would have suspected either of them because they are so talented as actors in those rolls that you really cant’ tell.  I gotta say though, it made my day finding out because it makes every episode of Frasier that much better now and I have all the more appreciation for the sheer talent that went into that silly little show.  I have always said that one of the truest tests of an actors ability is how well you can convince your audience while playing opposite your true sexual orientation (if I had seen Patrick Stewart in Jeffery first and not star trek NG, I would have SWORN he was gay and I don’t think anything short of the actor saying so himself would have convinced me otherwise…speaking of, he guest stars in the episode ‘the doctor is out’ as a gay opera director and he once again flames FABULOUSLY!).  Frasier truly was the gayest show on tv at the time, the only male main cast member who ISN’T gay (unless he’s still in the closet, though i never really got gay off him) is Kelsey, how fun is that?

I certainly have all the deeper appreciation for my Frasier & its cast now, I hope you do too.  Be sure to go out and have a giggle at some of their hilarious antics, especially ‘match maker'(S2, E3), ‘out with dad'(S7, E15), ‘the doctor is out’ (S11, E3) and ‘the dog that rocks the cradle'(S7, E5) all showcase some of the best mistaken orientation gags in the series (dog that rocks the cradle is really more Dan Butler playing it straight amazingly well, like he always does).  Watch & enjoy, and be sure to read up on the actors on their wiki pages (their names are hyper linked).  Here’s to the INCREDIBLY flaming cast of Frasier! Thanks for the years of talented acting and great comedy you brought us in the 90s! CHEERS!


PS- Below is the latest update from Carmen, telling us all about how her surgery went, since I’m following her transition I thought I’d share to help keep y’all updated.  Cheers (omg, you gonna look amazing once you’re all healed…not that you weren’t already FLAWLESS 😉 but you knew that <3)




DILFS & Foxxy Grandpas (older men I find HOT) April 19, 2012

decided i’d just do something fun as a brief filler (i am honestly trying to blog more often on here, i’m finally done w/the wedding and have had a vacation to revive myself, so i’ll do my bet, as always i just don’t like to be repeatative), so i thought i’d do a fun lil filler entry of what i call ‘Foxxy Grandpas’, older men  (mostly actors) who i’d TOTALLY do, despite their being old enough to be not just my dad but my GRAND DAD some of them…but they’re aging well and lookin GORGEOUS! work it out you hot DILFS & foxxy grandpas!

First, because he was one of my orginal boy crushes, the fabulous Mr. George Takei. (be sure to wish him happy birthday tomorrow on his face book)

Here's one so you can see his face 🙂 still so handsome after all these years

Hannibal Lecter himself, the gorgeous Mr. Anthony Hopkins, he has a voice that makes me melt like butter (he narrated the live action Grinch film...was the best thing about the movie I felt)

Detective John Munch (actor Richard Belzer) has appeared on at least five different tv shows, pretty impressive for his character. I loved him best in Law & Order SVU.

Alan Alda, loved him in MASH, he was a big influence on me and a bit of a father figure since I started watching MASH around age 5.

Another veteran of the MASH tv series, David Ogden Stiers, another voice that melts me like butter 😀 rather handsome, even to this day

Stephen Fry, not just gorgeous but FABULOUSLY FLAMING too, something i didn't actually know until recently, I love him to bits. and as he says 'I'd rather be sexy & racy, than sexist and racist' 😉

Captain Adama, Mr. Edward James Olmos, a very in charge looking man. I thought he really owned that roll in BSG...probably one of my favorite characters next to Cavil.

Speaking of brother Cavil, Dean Stockwell ain't lookin too shabby either.

And while we're on geek crushes, we can't leave out Pat Stewart, as far as I'm concerned, the BEST captain the enterprise ever had! (oh yeah, i went there, Picard > Kirk)

While I'm not a big harry potter fan (not really a fan at all actually, sorry, just not my bag) I DO love Allan Rickman, mmmm ❤

String of sexy brits here i realize, Michael Caine, need i say more (i LOVE this photo, i have those same glasses)

Rowan Atkinson, while most of you know him as Mr. Bean, the goofy fella w/the silly face, I am far more familiar w/him as the character Blackadder, the coniving bastard through the ages who always gets the short end of the stick. He's handsome, he's talented, and he's got a great voice! (and a GORGEOUS NOSE!)

Martin Crane, actor John Mahoney, still looking amazing. I LOVE the beard 🙂

Steve Buscemi...hey, don't judge me LOL

Tony Shalhoub, Adrian Monk, need I say more...I really don't know what to say, I just love him. He's so handsome & swarthy 😀 ❤

And the last one for this entry, F. Murray Abraham...I have had the hots for him since I saw 'Amadaeus' in 6th grade...LOVE HIM

(**NOTE- something you MAY notice is that many of these men have rather large noses…its a personal taste thing LOL)





John Inman…and Vintage Couples June 23, 2011

>John Inman, what can you say about the man? Well, if you don’t know who he is, probably very little.  He was a British actor, most famous for his role in the TV show Are You Being Served? as the lovably FABULOUS character, Mr. Humphries.  Witty, adorable & always impeccably dressed, this charming character actor became easily one of the most memorable from the series, which ran for 10 seasons on the BBC.  Set in a department store, the series deals with various antics involved in running the mens & womens wear departments of Grace Bro.s department store, and mostly deals in double entendre humor and various running jokes based on the various characters personalities (Mr. Granger falling asleep, Mr. Rumbold being an utterly incompetent ignoramus, Mr. Lucas’ womanizing ways and of course Ms. Schlocombe’s pussy).
I was introduced to this show randomly back in 2006 and what kept me hooked was the character portrayed by Mr. Inman, his high camp flamboyance was very captivating.  The fact that a show from the 1970s was willing to have an OBVIOUSLY gay character, that all the other characters KNOW is gay, was very bold to me, as it was something you DO NOT see in US TV.  It showed remarkable tolerance & maturity in my eyes.  They even talk about his relationships, vaguely, eluding to them in conversations w/his coworker Mr. Lucas, who takes the conversations in stride and is very receptive to talking about it.  These facts make it all the more surprising to me that a handful of members of the ‘campaign for homosexual equality’  picketed one of his shows saying that he ‘gave a bad face/negative image’ to the gay community.  Inman responded that he felt if anything he was HELPING the gay community, which I agree with.  I just don’t see the negative to it, but then I grew up during a very different time, and in a different country, and this naturally has an effect on my perceptions.  His fame from his role in the show was not limited to the British Isles, the show gained popularity in the US where he became a gay icon, and on a trip to San Francisco was startled by a fan who fell off their bike when they noticed him walking by and shouted ‘I LOVE YOU MR. HUMPHRIES’ (this would have been my reaction too).  The show remains popular even to this day, still running repeats on the BBC.
Unfortunately, in 2004, John contracted Hepatitis A from some contaminated food, which would cause numerous medical complications the rest of his life and lead to his demise 3 years later in the March of 2007.  In 2005 he and his partner Ron Lynch (of 33 years at the time) were able to enter into a civil partnership at the Westminster Register Office.  When Inman passed away he left virtually everything to his partner, his entire estate totaling more than £2.8m, the only portion of his estate left to someone else was £5,000 left to the Entertainment Artistes Benevolent Fund.
If you aren’t familiar with John Inman and/or Are You Being Served? I recommend you familiarize yourself, its a witty show w/a bold, flamboyant, and most importantly, openly gay character from the 1970s.  Find & enjoy.

‘I’m FREE, Mr. Granger’ Mr. Humphries

Another thing I wanted to share with all of you is an assortment of vintage photos of, likely, gay couples…whether all the men in the photos are gay or not, these photos are TOO CUTE, enjoy. (article hyper linked)
and thats it for tonights, VITAMIN GAY!!


Harvey Fierstein is THE MAN! June 16, 2011

Tonight I’ve decided to honor someone in the gay community who has done SO MUCH for our people, a man who has been an activist for our rights & has always been politically out spoken and a man who is all around just a VERY likable individual: Mr. Harvey Fierstein.
First of all, I have loved Mr. Fierstein’s voice since I was a little kid, it was always so soothing, so kind & comforting despite its gravely tones.  He always spoke in a sort of whisper unless you made him upset and then you could hear the strain in his voice whenever he tried to raise it, obviously not someone who likes to do that unless he has to.  He is so measured and articulate in his speech and I just, I have a hard time thinking about something I don’t like about the man, he’s just so lovable.
He wrote & stared in the Torch Song Trilogy, long running, Tony award winning Broadway musical & movie, he wrote the novelization of ‘le cage a foles’ and the song ‘I am what I am’ from Le Cage became a gay anthem for the community (later recorded by Gloria Gaynor, below is a link where you can hear Harvey singing it, and its doubly moving I think).  I’ve loved him in bit parts & voice overs from his minor roll in Mulan to his appearance on the Simpsons episode ‘simpson & deliliah’ in which he voices Carl, Homer’s temporary secretary, to the villain of the story ‘Death to Smoochy’, he’s a brilliant & talented actor and a strong asset to us as a community & a speaker.
Below are a few videos of him talking about various things, first and foremost I would like you to listen to his piece on ‘gay pride’ and the parade, he addresses a question that I have asked and been asked, but never had the right answer to…thankfully he, in his kind & avuncular wit & wisdom, does and its a good one.  Other videos linked include: an interview from 1983, backstage, during his run of the ‘Torch Song Trilogy’ on broadway, an appearance he did on sesame street that was TOO PRECIOUS not to share, a clip of him singing ‘I am what I am’, a speech about ‘where is our anger’ (regarding various incidences in gay history),  and a lil clip he did on what passover means to him (included simply because I enjoyed listening to it).  I have also hyperlinked his name above to his wiki page so you can read more about him.  enjoy the clips and hope you had a GREAT wednesday, more tomorrow.  this is VITAMIN GAY- PRIDE EDITION!!!!






Thats all for now, more later…and remember *fist raised* GAY PRIDE!!