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now for unoffensive, but shameless, self promotion June 23, 2012

as you my readers know, I have an etsy store front! :O I’m a tailor/costumer and all around artist and I sell my various wares there in my shop.  What you may not know is that I also sell vintage stuff there…like typewriters, vintage vinyl, antique hats and so forth.  Be sure to check back often for the regular stock updates, I add items at least twice a week :).

I also have a nice and expanding variety of drag queen accessories, garter belts, thong underwear (and soon bras), corsets (photos coming soon), shoes and more.

Help support a starving trans artist pay the bills and start his savings pile for that elusive top surgery (I’ll start running a tally once I’ve got something in there…currently I’ve got $1, help me add to it 😀 & wish me luck!)

Much love! and enjoy the last of Pride Month 2012 (someone have a scotch old fashioned for me please? i no can has booze 😦 )


Let Show Some Support, for our new T Family Member, Carmen Carrera May 5, 2012

so I just got confirmation from the artist herself yesterday (via Facebook feed of course, but always good to have it straight form the source) that Miss Carmen Carrera in fact DID discover herself to be trans, has had her boob job & has been on HRT for over a year now, and the bitch is LOOKING FIERCE (but when did she not 😉 ), lets give a GREAT BIG HUG from the T in the GLBT community, welcome to the family girl! May you lead a long, happy. fulfilling and prosperous life in your shiny new skin :).

here’s the photo she posted of her transitional progress-

looking so amazing! WORK!

now, like many during the active airing of RPDR season 3, I had my reasonable suspicions (I can spot a fellow T a mile away, its all in how you carry yourself etc, you learn the signs), BUT I didn’t want to voice my suspicions for a lot of reasons.  the primary one being that in the drag community being an actual TGirl carries a HUGE social stigma along with it, and bringing it up even ruffles some MAD feathers.  This is due, at least in no small part, to the social stigma already in place from the CIS/Het set in society…most, poorly informed I’ll give you, Het. people believe that ALL drag queens secretly want to be women and that the stage portion is just a farce meant to keep up appearances (not unlike the act of having a beard to attend Het. social functions)…this chronic outside mental pressure forces most queens, at one point or another, to question their OWN gender identity on/off the stage and this, for many, can make them both angry and terribly uncomfortable (not unlike the homophobe when confronted w/a gay man)…whether the mental assertion made by society or other queens is TRUE or not, queens are very big on the fact that MOST QUEENS ARE GAY MEN, WANT TO BE MEN AND BE WITH OTHER MEN, and are PERFECTLY HAPPY BEING MEN…but for many MtFs, you get interested in drag as a perfectly NATURAL precursor stage to the idea of transitioning (i wore boy clothes, mens jeans, my male cousins hand me downs instead of my females, in contemporary society especially a farm community where i grew up this is less jarring but i went out of the way & did things like shaved my head in an attempt to feel more at ease w/myself, or stole my dads work shirts, all very VERY common)…anyway, the reason such a revelation tends to ruffle the feathers of the other queens so badly is because they take it as a THREAT, a visual reinforcement that ‘I’m LIKE YOU :O OH FUCK, NOW WHAT?!’ when they generally aren’t, it just angers them because from their vantage point it is a social confirmation that ALL drag queens CLEARLY want to be women and are just staying in the closet for whatever reasons, when its certainly NOT the case.

now that we’ve addressed WHY it ruffles your ladies feathers so badly, now perhaps my DEAR DEAR queens, perhaps YOU can step back and do a lil self examination and consider all the bashing that YOU YOURSELVES have done within the community against your trans sisters/brothers just because, not unlike the homophobe, their personal LIFE clouded YOUR PRECIOUS WORLD VIEW and allowed YOU too loose your shit.  can we consider this please?  this goes out to ANY of you queens who has ever uttered a negative word about the trans men & women in your community who are NO DIFFERENT than you, they just decided to change the wrapper permanently, maybe you’ll stop letting yourself get so caught up in the mainstream social attitudes and focus on NOT tearing apart a community that already has to fight to stay together while the rest of the world desperately tries to destroy us and take away our rights & our lives…

just a lil food for thought.

in conclusion though, i would once again like to extend a hearty virtual handshake and HUG ❤ to our newly out Carmen Carrera, YOU GO GIRL! now go out there and make the TGirls proud 😉 !


RPDR Queens, music video extravaganza! April 29, 2012

MANY of the queens of Rupaul’s Drag Race have gone forward from the show to do multi city tours, photo spreads, and much, much more, including many of them following directly in Ru’s footsteps and taking a stab at the music industry, below are some of my favorites from the queens of former seasons.  CHEERS!

I LOVED this! talk about a cultural explosion! expose yourself to some true African Spirit! CAMEROON!!

HOT COUTURE! I am IN LOVE with this song & video (prepare for a joy filled tear jerking scene toward the end if you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll be so happy for that lil boy, at the 2:45 mark :D)

its no Hot Couture, but its got a very 90s, spice girl look & feel to it and its an ok song, I look forward to seeing what else Savanah produces, I’m sure she’ll get better w/time 🙂

disapointed i couldn’t find a music video for it, but its exactly what i expected from Miss NINA FLOWERS! She’s a professional club DJ and this is totally the sort of sound I expected, work it NINA! (anyone else hearin a lil ‘pump up da jam’? 😉 )

about what I expected out of Miss Tati, a lil auto tuned for my taste but I can see this bein very big at the club.

Behind the scenes of the absolute commercial 2012-

The actual commercial-

hope ya’ll enjoyed this lil bit of update on the former girls of RPDR, I know I enjoye stumbling into these videos tonight :). until next time, CHEERS! much love!


A lil culture :D March 25, 2012

Wanted to share a couple of lovely videos from this French play/musical my sister in law brought to our attention, its titled ‘1789 les amants de la Bastille’ and it is epically amazing. The choreography, costumes, music, everything is just visually inspired and comes together just perfectly, i love everything about it, i must say.
so, i hope you enjoy these lovely videos and the music there in. And while it isn’t directly GLBT related, our community is a reccognized force in the entertainment and particularly the theater community, so i figure it works anyway (plus, HOT LEAPING FRENCHMEN, YOW!!! or perhaps OO LA LA 😉 <3) (also, the first one, is one i have EVERY intention of performing at some point as i am well known for my foreign musical selections :D)
much love!


Special Cross Post from LABN- Trannylicious Special for Trans Remembrance Day November 22, 2011

sorry this is posting late, the site kept hanging up on my upload this morning & later in the afternoon before i went to bed, so I had to wait until I got up to try again. Here’s part one, part two is edited and will post imediately after this one has completely uploaded & processed. Enjoy! & MUCH LOVE!
[ width=”640″ height=”510″]

Here’s the second half of this week’s episode (sorry for putting opening credits on both halves, was exhausted when i rendered this half and wasn’t thinking). Enjoy! thanks for watching and MUCH LOVE! (don’t forget to tell your friends about the show 😉

[ width=”320″ height=”270″]
Little vlog on Trans Remembrance Day (sorry its late) this weeks (the episode for the 19th, still getting the show back on schedule) LABN is trans related reading, music & movie recommendations, be sure to check it out! General update Vlog as well as a rant about crappy doctors coming later this week. thanks for watching! much love! peace! (and happy holiday this week)

[ width=”640″ height=”510″]


LABN & VITAMIN GAY August 6, 2011

Because my show is mostly queer culture based (mostly) and because I’m folding VITAMIN GAY into it as an independent Vlog segment of the show, I figured I’d share with those of you who read this blog, the first episode of my web show ‘Lets All Be Neurotic’ Hope you like it, please be sure to comment & tell me what you think. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!



A little slideshow treat August 1, 2011

Did this up this morning special for you guys, hope you enjoy it…its a slide show of a BUNCH of my macro nature photography set to music by the band Earth Trybe, its a rainbow of natural color & I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.