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Featured on Fandom Base, L.D. Original Adventure Time Scarf March 27, 2013

I’m a big big fan of the show adventure time and especially the back story of Marceline the vampire queen & the Ice King, who is the former anthropologist Simon Petrikov, they’re very good characters and in honor of the latest episode chronicling their back story together, I made a special quilted, fleece sewn appliqué on double layered felt backing scarf w/both of them on it…and guess what…



I’m so proud! Its quite the feather in my cap, especially considering that this is about the third or fourth time I’ve tried to get featured on there or on must have cute and the firs success.  The scarves are available for purchase in my etsy, along w/lots of new costume listings, tutus, pride treats, candies, and fabulous new paintings by my shop partner Diva Lesé, who is a very talented watercolor artist.

Be sure to stop by meme base and/or my shop & show this tranny artist some love ;).

sorry i haven’t been on in quite some time, life has been crazy hectic.


now for unoffensive, but shameless, self promotion June 23, 2012

as you my readers know, I have an etsy store front! :O I’m a tailor/costumer and all around artist and I sell my various wares there in my shop.  What you may not know is that I also sell vintage stuff there…like typewriters, vintage vinyl, antique hats and so forth.  Be sure to check back often for the regular stock updates, I add items at least twice a week :).

I also have a nice and expanding variety of drag queen accessories, garter belts, thong underwear (and soon bras), corsets (photos coming soon), shoes and more.

Help support a starving trans artist pay the bills and start his savings pile for that elusive top surgery (I’ll start running a tally once I’ve got something in there…currently I’ve got $1, help me add to it 😀 & wish me luck!)

Much love! and enjoy the last of Pride Month 2012 (someone have a scotch old fashioned for me please? i no can has booze 😦 )


Tell your friends, beautiful wedding garb, GLBT friendly designer May 12, 2012


One of a kind bespoke clothier specializing in custom fit clothing for the GLB & Trans community, costuming & props for drag artists & other performers, wedding & formal wear (men & women’s), plus size women’s wear and clothing for the petite gentlemen (but I’ll work with any size), also offering a wide variety of accessories and much, MUCH MORE! Currently running a special on custom order wedding gowns, have a look right here-

I am trained in- sewing, pattern & fashion design (I make ALL my own patterns), crafting & accessory making, costume replication & cosplay gear (making reproductions of costumes from movies, anime and other such sources), corsets & undergarments, etc.

I specialize in working w/the GLBT community, but I work with anyone.
I charge $10hr for my services, design consultations are free (I even include a free, custom fit dress form which I also make myself, see photo links below). If you have a costume you want replicated I WILL need photo references (as many as possible). On average wedding gown packages start at around $900 (this price quote includes supply costs)

Remember, to get that custom fit to achieve the perfect look you crave, be unique, wear an original.

To see my portfolio visit here-

To see my online store front visit here-

*rate quotes include supply costs in the total, minimum down payment is necessary to start any new project (down payment varies depending on size of project & the amount of supplies needed).

Email me prior to ordering to make sure I have a window open for your wedding. I will require a minimum of 8 weeks, up to a max of 12 weeks. Any faster will incur a rush fee.


Custom hair accent clip w/mock veil

View of the gown from behind

The blushing bride

double w/dress

Duct tape body double

(all photos from the wedding, courtesy of T&R Boyd Photography of Portland-


Then & Now- 2008 vs. 2012

comparing how i looked in 2008 when i got married and how i look compared to my blood relatives in particular…oh yeah, STILL be best lookin one of the bunch (and the smartest)…
the brains, the beauty…i got the full package
just wanted to share a photo comparison i put together, the main photo is a group shot from my wedding day, the two on the right hand side are two photos of me from this week, the one of me in my yellow hoody from only a few minutes ago.  I wanted to compare & contrast the images, not just to see how my face has changed & aged over all since then, but to compare how much facial hair my brothers had vs. how much MORE I have. EAT IT!
*NOTE- in 2008 I had been on hormones for just over a year
(to those who don’t know, i’m not on terms w/my family at ALL, this was the LAST time i saw them and w/any luck, it’ll stay that way :D…hard as it may be for some to understand, sometimes you’re just better off and as an adult you have the right to say NO to the abuse…so i said NO! NO MORE!)

Let Show Some Support, for our new T Family Member, Carmen Carrera May 5, 2012

so I just got confirmation from the artist herself yesterday (via Facebook feed of course, but always good to have it straight form the source) that Miss Carmen Carrera in fact DID discover herself to be trans, has had her boob job & has been on HRT for over a year now, and the bitch is LOOKING FIERCE (but when did she not 😉 ), lets give a GREAT BIG HUG from the T in the GLBT community, welcome to the family girl! May you lead a long, happy. fulfilling and prosperous life in your shiny new skin :).

here’s the photo she posted of her transitional progress-

looking so amazing! WORK!

now, like many during the active airing of RPDR season 3, I had my reasonable suspicions (I can spot a fellow T a mile away, its all in how you carry yourself etc, you learn the signs), BUT I didn’t want to voice my suspicions for a lot of reasons.  the primary one being that in the drag community being an actual TGirl carries a HUGE social stigma along with it, and bringing it up even ruffles some MAD feathers.  This is due, at least in no small part, to the social stigma already in place from the CIS/Het set in society…most, poorly informed I’ll give you, Het. people believe that ALL drag queens secretly want to be women and that the stage portion is just a farce meant to keep up appearances (not unlike the act of having a beard to attend Het. social functions)…this chronic outside mental pressure forces most queens, at one point or another, to question their OWN gender identity on/off the stage and this, for many, can make them both angry and terribly uncomfortable (not unlike the homophobe when confronted w/a gay man)…whether the mental assertion made by society or other queens is TRUE or not, queens are very big on the fact that MOST QUEENS ARE GAY MEN, WANT TO BE MEN AND BE WITH OTHER MEN, and are PERFECTLY HAPPY BEING MEN…but for many MtFs, you get interested in drag as a perfectly NATURAL precursor stage to the idea of transitioning (i wore boy clothes, mens jeans, my male cousins hand me downs instead of my females, in contemporary society especially a farm community where i grew up this is less jarring but i went out of the way & did things like shaved my head in an attempt to feel more at ease w/myself, or stole my dads work shirts, all very VERY common)…anyway, the reason such a revelation tends to ruffle the feathers of the other queens so badly is because they take it as a THREAT, a visual reinforcement that ‘I’m LIKE YOU :O OH FUCK, NOW WHAT?!’ when they generally aren’t, it just angers them because from their vantage point it is a social confirmation that ALL drag queens CLEARLY want to be women and are just staying in the closet for whatever reasons, when its certainly NOT the case.

now that we’ve addressed WHY it ruffles your ladies feathers so badly, now perhaps my DEAR DEAR queens, perhaps YOU can step back and do a lil self examination and consider all the bashing that YOU YOURSELVES have done within the community against your trans sisters/brothers just because, not unlike the homophobe, their personal LIFE clouded YOUR PRECIOUS WORLD VIEW and allowed YOU too loose your shit.  can we consider this please?  this goes out to ANY of you queens who has ever uttered a negative word about the trans men & women in your community who are NO DIFFERENT than you, they just decided to change the wrapper permanently, maybe you’ll stop letting yourself get so caught up in the mainstream social attitudes and focus on NOT tearing apart a community that already has to fight to stay together while the rest of the world desperately tries to destroy us and take away our rights & our lives…

just a lil food for thought.

in conclusion though, i would once again like to extend a hearty virtual handshake and HUG ❤ to our newly out Carmen Carrera, YOU GO GIRL! now go out there and make the TGirls proud 😉 !


DILFS & Foxxy Grandpas (older men I find HOT) April 19, 2012

decided i’d just do something fun as a brief filler (i am honestly trying to blog more often on here, i’m finally done w/the wedding and have had a vacation to revive myself, so i’ll do my bet, as always i just don’t like to be repeatative), so i thought i’d do a fun lil filler entry of what i call ‘Foxxy Grandpas’, older men  (mostly actors) who i’d TOTALLY do, despite their being old enough to be not just my dad but my GRAND DAD some of them…but they’re aging well and lookin GORGEOUS! work it out you hot DILFS & foxxy grandpas!

First, because he was one of my orginal boy crushes, the fabulous Mr. George Takei. (be sure to wish him happy birthday tomorrow on his face book)

Here's one so you can see his face 🙂 still so handsome after all these years

Hannibal Lecter himself, the gorgeous Mr. Anthony Hopkins, he has a voice that makes me melt like butter (he narrated the live action Grinch film...was the best thing about the movie I felt)

Detective John Munch (actor Richard Belzer) has appeared on at least five different tv shows, pretty impressive for his character. I loved him best in Law & Order SVU.

Alan Alda, loved him in MASH, he was a big influence on me and a bit of a father figure since I started watching MASH around age 5.

Another veteran of the MASH tv series, David Ogden Stiers, another voice that melts me like butter 😀 rather handsome, even to this day

Stephen Fry, not just gorgeous but FABULOUSLY FLAMING too, something i didn't actually know until recently, I love him to bits. and as he says 'I'd rather be sexy & racy, than sexist and racist' 😉

Captain Adama, Mr. Edward James Olmos, a very in charge looking man. I thought he really owned that roll in BSG...probably one of my favorite characters next to Cavil.

Speaking of brother Cavil, Dean Stockwell ain't lookin too shabby either.

And while we're on geek crushes, we can't leave out Pat Stewart, as far as I'm concerned, the BEST captain the enterprise ever had! (oh yeah, i went there, Picard > Kirk)

While I'm not a big harry potter fan (not really a fan at all actually, sorry, just not my bag) I DO love Allan Rickman, mmmm ❤

String of sexy brits here i realize, Michael Caine, need i say more (i LOVE this photo, i have those same glasses)

Rowan Atkinson, while most of you know him as Mr. Bean, the goofy fella w/the silly face, I am far more familiar w/him as the character Blackadder, the coniving bastard through the ages who always gets the short end of the stick. He's handsome, he's talented, and he's got a great voice! (and a GORGEOUS NOSE!)

Martin Crane, actor John Mahoney, still looking amazing. I LOVE the beard 🙂

Steve Buscemi...hey, don't judge me LOL

Tony Shalhoub, Adrian Monk, need I say more...I really don't know what to say, I just love him. He's so handsome & swarthy 😀 ❤

And the last one for this entry, F. Murray Abraham...I have had the hots for him since I saw 'Amadaeus' in 6th grade...LOVE HIM

(**NOTE- something you MAY notice is that many of these men have rather large noses…its a personal taste thing LOL)





Who DIDN’T See This One Coming? August 17, 2011

OK…so we all know that New York state passed a same sex marriage resolution that took effect a few weeks ago, and who’d a thunk it, but there’s a clerk at the registrars who refuses to sign gay marriage licenses because its against her religion. (read all about it HERE)

If I was this persons boss I would give them a warning, letting them know that YES you ARE entitled to YOUR religious beliefs, however when you took this job you AGREED to sign marriage licenses, that is your JOB.  If you continue to fail to do your job, you will be let go…and if they continue to do so FIRE THEM.  I’m sorry but its the same thing as it is with a pharmacist who happens to be christian refusing to fill birth control prescriptions, um YOUR JOB is that of a pharmacist, YOU fill the prescription and keep your damned religious beliefs to yourself! Religions is NOT in your job description and in no case do you have the right to force your beliefs on someone else especially not in such a manner.

Sorry this entry is so brief and that I haven’t been writing as much but I feel redundant if I write too often about politics etc.  because really I have the same thing to say about most of the political shit happening these days as its all (or seems to be) religiously related…churches whining about endoctrinating their childrens, projection much? etc and so forth and oh lordy lord TEH GAYS CAN MARRY!! TIS THE END TIMES FO SHO!! just gets old…been trying to focus on the positive in my life and life in general…to keep up with me when i’m not updating this written blog, follow my Vlogs LETS ALL BE NEUROTIC and WELCOME TO MY CELL (hotlinked), and thank you as always for reading :), your viewership is appreciated! much love and GAY PRIDE!

Pretty flowers in front of one of the houses I pass daily on my way to the market in the AM.