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The Oreo Boycot July 2, 2012

I’ll keep this one pretty brief here, just wanted to throw out my two cents on the whole bigots boycott oreo issue.

I’m not an oreo eater, haven’t had them in ages, nor do I personally partake of snacks like poptarts, ritz, pringles crisps etc…however, I must say I do appreciate the positive PR they are giving our communities civil rights campaign movement, its big names coming out in support and that means it draws attention to the issues and I think thats great.

What I don’t think is great is the level of immaturity being displayed by the bigots of this country as they announce ‘we’re boycotting you homo loving companies’, whatever man, thats your right.  Its immature as fuck, but its your right to boycott whatever the fuck you damn well please, have at it folks.  Though, even this may have its positive side…these people will be forced to go on a a diet of some sort because its not just oreo, like i said above, its- pringles, ritz, twizlers, poptarts, and many more of the food brands…not to mention places like starbucks, nike, adidas, and many other name brand products & places these folks go to every day…so if you’re going to boycott oreo for loving the homos, you’ll have to boycott those places as well, otherwise you’re being total hypocrites (not that we’d expect any less, especially fact being that many homophobes are in fact themselves closet cases).  And if they do that, well where are they going to get their stuff? lol.

I have a pin that sums up succinctly the ONE fact that these people seem to miss, it reads ‘someone you know is gay’…its true.  we’re everywhere people and we’re sure as fuck not going anywhere, so you had just best get used to it…we’re here, we’re queer and we’re not going anywhere as it were people! I guarantee that SOMEONE you know, mr/mrs homophobia, someone in YOUR LIFE, possibly even someone close to you, is gay.  The world hasn’t ‘gone gay’ we’re just able to be out & proud in most places these days w/out too much fear of getting the holy living hell beat out of us and the more we trend in that direction the better off we’ll be but the at the same time, the more backlash we’ll have from people like the oreo boycotting bigots here.  We are, slowly but surely winning this fight but its a long battle (as we can see w/the civil rights movements that have come before, the seemingly impossible takes time…like you all, though, I too hate the ‘hurry up and wait’ aspect).

One thing about people like this that I will never understand is- dude…you’re seriously SO HATEFUL you are boycotting a cookie? really? whoa…

thanks for th positive PR nabisco & oreo and others

ok, this one is a lil bizzare lookin but ya know lol…i bet kids would love it if they actually sold some like this


update on Miss Carrera and good news for trans students in Arkansas May 26, 2012

A brief update on miss Carmen Carrera, whom some of you may have noticed commented on the previous entry I made about her to let us know that she had not yet had her boob job, posted a video the other day on her youtube w/her partner saying that later this next week she’ll be going to Chicago to have said opperation. *confetti* Hurray for you girlfriend! Hope you enjoy your new titties 😉 and hope you heal quickly from your surgery. The video is posted below in which she tells us all about it, best wishes miss Carrera! CHEERS!

In other good news, the ladies rooms at Arkansas University are now open to all those who identify as female 🙂 you can read all about it here. Cheers ladies! Congrats on your victory! Mazel Tov!


a special shirt, just for you, Mr. President May 11, 2012

this is actually a sweatshirt i designed as a commentary on the democrats who sat by and did so little during the Bush years…now I present it as a very SPECIAL sweatshirt for our VERY SPECIAL president…frankly we should REALLY push for the reinstitution of stem cell research…it only takes a fetus a few months to grow a spine, NOT FOUR YEARS AND CHANGE!

dear Mr. President…YOU…THIS…ASAP…



The gloves are OFF…a RANT! May 9, 2012




I have said before in recent months, but just in case y’all missed it, I call things like i see em and I’m done being a meek, polite, sugar coating pansy about the blatant BULLSHIT that TONS of people in this country need to be called out on NOW!
Sometimes you gotta be tactless to drive a point home, but it is time to STOP w/the ignorance, stop w/the bullshit and STOP w/the willful stupidity and the belief that YOUR OPINION is as good and/or valid as actual facts etc.
there is a topic being debated in our country right now, though as i see it its not much of a debate, the question is equal rights for some or equal rights for all…the constitution says we’re all equal, thats the supreme law of the land is it not? then i do NOT see what the FUCK the debate is…sign the fucking protection bill into law, tell the whining cultural backlashers who REFUSE to catch up to the reality that the world is NOT STUCK IN 1950 w/THEIR BRAINS and its time to move on, whether they like it or not, the rest of us damn well are going to.
you ever look at those people w/the end of the world is nigh signs and scoff? its true…for them…what they mean is, the end of MY WORLD, the end of MY COMFORTABLE little reality that i built for MYSELF, MY PLACE that I GREW UP IN, that world is not just ending, its GONE! they’re in a state of severe culture shock, but they’ve had HALF A CENTURY to catch up at this point to the new knowledge and reality that shit ain’t what it used to be, the game is different now and we ALL have a say.  your world HAS ended…GET THE FUCK OVER IT AND STOP YOUR FUCKING CRYING! this issue is NO DIFFERENT that interracial marriage which is perfectly commonplace now, you’ve mostly gotten over that, I’m sure you’ll get over this too, or you’ll croak first, frankly since most of you who voted in favor of this are OLD FUCKS thats the most likely and GOOD RIDDANCE, the world will be better w/out you.  I don’t much care. life will go on w/or w/out your approval people. ACCEPT IT!
I want to make one last thing perfectly clear…i don’t HATE these people, what i hate is what they have turned this country into, a place where a love like mine & Blaine’s is spat upon, while people who don’t even fully appreciate this PRIVILEGE get to have a piece of paper that allows them to share in all things equally in a legally binding fashion, this is a privilege we ALL DESERVE and we ALL have every RIGHT TO! what i feel for these people is bottomless pity, i feel nothing but sadness when i think of them…because they are EMPTY inside and they hate themselves, and that is why they choose to project it onto the rest of the world.  and more than anything it breaks my heart, because its just sad to know that there are SO MANY people like that out there, who believe that behaving so inhumanly to their fellow man/woman is perfectly acceptable and right.  That is what i feel.
Thank you.

NC, y’all know what you can do…kiss my taint!

PS- a lil more food for thought, it takes 38 states to push through a constitutional amendment, currently 25 states have banned same sex marriage w/their state constitutions and 4 have statutes against it…the map is a little unclear about the states that are stripped two colors but thats at least 29 states confirmed outlawed the practice…thats a very terrifying & disheartening fact if you’re one of us…something to think about when it comes knocking on the door of the senate of YOUR home state…DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!! if we don’t, they WILL win, and then…we’re all screwed…




A new bill has been passed that will make discrimination based on being trans in regards to employment ILLEGAL! *throws confetti* what a wonderful piece of news, no? it still doesn’t deliver us protection from discrimination in regards to housing, but hey, its a BIG step in the right direction and I’m sure, with work, we’ll push through to get our protection in that area soon enough!

As a citizen living in Oregon, and more specifically Multnomah county, I already enjoyed such protection, but I am THRILLED that its finally being spread on the full blown national level.  Discrimination based on being trans is gender discrimination which we have already declared illegal but just to drive it home here’s a LIL reinforcement :D.  Here’s a link to the article.  *uncorks champagne* so lift your glass & drink a toast to our community, here’s to a WONDERFUL landmark decision on the part of our national government, here’s to more decisions like it in the future and here’s to the eventual END of discrimination across the board! CHEERS QUEERS! 😉 MUCH LOVE! ❤


Who DIDN’T See This One Coming? August 17, 2011

OK…so we all know that New York state passed a same sex marriage resolution that took effect a few weeks ago, and who’d a thunk it, but there’s a clerk at the registrars who refuses to sign gay marriage licenses because its against her religion. (read all about it HERE)

If I was this persons boss I would give them a warning, letting them know that YES you ARE entitled to YOUR religious beliefs, however when you took this job you AGREED to sign marriage licenses, that is your JOB.  If you continue to fail to do your job, you will be let go…and if they continue to do so FIRE THEM.  I’m sorry but its the same thing as it is with a pharmacist who happens to be christian refusing to fill birth control prescriptions, um YOUR JOB is that of a pharmacist, YOU fill the prescription and keep your damned religious beliefs to yourself! Religions is NOT in your job description and in no case do you have the right to force your beliefs on someone else especially not in such a manner.

Sorry this entry is so brief and that I haven’t been writing as much but I feel redundant if I write too often about politics etc.  because really I have the same thing to say about most of the political shit happening these days as its all (or seems to be) religiously related…churches whining about endoctrinating their childrens, projection much? etc and so forth and oh lordy lord TEH GAYS CAN MARRY!! TIS THE END TIMES FO SHO!! just gets old…been trying to focus on the positive in my life and life in general…to keep up with me when i’m not updating this written blog, follow my Vlogs LETS ALL BE NEUROTIC and WELCOME TO MY CELL (hotlinked), and thank you as always for reading :), your viewership is appreciated! much love and GAY PRIDE!

Pretty flowers in front of one of the houses I pass daily on my way to the market in the AM.


Sexy Miss Amanda Lepore update July 9, 2011

Another update on the incredible tranny diva whom I ADORE, Miss Amanda Lepore, who just released a new music video for her song ‘Turn Me Over’, video by Perez Hilton.  I gotta say I’m jealous of the fellas in this music video, because it is HOT! As always, Miss Lepore’s latest video is sexy, sensual and full of eye candy for all to enjoy.  Lots  of hot men & the diva w/a body that don’t stop, shaking her booty & mugging for the camera w/her big pouty lips.

Cazwell recently did a commercial spot for Snog, a frozen yogurt shop from Britain (w/locations also in Dubai and Rio De Janerio), they specialize in natural frozen yogurt treats & have a wide variety of really delicious sounding flavors, like: natural, green tea, passion fruit, pink guava, calamansi (which is apparently a citrus fruit), blueberry, spiced apple, chocolate, guanabana (which is a fascinating looking fruit from the Caribbean), mango, mandarine and strawberry (man, now I’m hungry for frozen yogurt lol).  You can check out the shop, if you’re someone in one of the areas where they’re located, be sure to check out their website.  The photo spot was done by Marco Ovando, and you can see the photos on Cazwell’s facebook page.  Be sure to check out his show Boombox on Here! TV, or at, its great!

Cazwell & his guns, promoting Snog Frozen Yogurt (available in Britain), photo by Marco Ovando

And a little more good news on the political front for our community, the justice department has filed a brief against DOMA, declaring it blatantly unconstitutional.  The brief urged US Appeals Court not to dismiss Karen Golinski’s case against the US Office of Personnel Management, and calling upon the court to acknowledge the unconstitutionality of this act.  You can read more about the specifics on the brief, as well as the brief itself here.
And thats your Vitamin Gay for today, thanks for reading, and remember, GAY PRIDE!!