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the ‘apology’ from cake boss June 13, 2012

so cake boss did ‘apologize’ I use pretty heavy sarcasm because it wasn’t much of an apology, it was an attempt to try & excuse their obscenely RUDE and disrespectful behavior by playing off as ‘oh i was only jokin, i didn’t mean to HURT anyones feelings’ yeah, BULLSHIT!  if your intent wasn’t to make fun of Miss Carmen, then what WAS your intent?

*taps foot* well, i’m WAITING mr. cake boss man…oh whats that? you don’t HAVE an answer, well what a surprise.  people like you and yours absolutely sicken me because you’re a shining example of one of the many problems in this country, the main one being utterly blatant and flagrant IGNORANCE of, well, just about everything.

While we appreciate your ‘apology’ mr. cake boss, it doesn’t come across as at all sincere and instead comes across as a smell pile of shit you plopped out in an attempt to save some face in the PR department…i some how doubt it will placate the community though (certainly doesn’t placate my ass…you didn’t MEAN to hurt her??? you didn’t MEAN to? then what exactly DID you mean by making her the butt of an extremely transphobic joke??? again…waiting for that answer that, if ever it comes, i know wont be satisfactory).  this is NOT a joking matter you asswipe shit stain, this is serious shit and you have seriously bitch slapped our T community right in its face.

you can read their ‘apology‘ on their face book page…and the commentary on the ‘apology’ on cake boss’s face book is just as ignorant…seriously, how do you NOT SEE how hurtful this is? oh right, you’re ignorant, braying jack asses who have no hearts…right, silly me 😛

you CAN NOT just play this off as a ‘WHOOPS my bad, der, sorry’ incident when you had MET w/the individual in question before shooting and discussed what terms were APPROPRIATE to describe and transitioned trans person…but did you use those words? NO, you decided it would be MUCH funnier to freak out ‘cousin anthony’ (who is doubtlessly homophobic, judging by their reaction to this bullshit shenanigans…said individual also refers to Carmen as ‘it’ in their twitter feed, further disrespect but oh my, who’s surprised, raise your hands…oh look, no one…) by telling him he had been flirting with ‘a man’…not a trans woman, not someone who was BORN male and transitioned, no, you decided it would be SO MUCH FUNNIER if you just called her out on national television as a freak, and you’re trying to play it off as ‘oh sorry, we didn’t MEAN anything by it’ yeah, you know what mr. cake boss, FUCK YOU! you can sit & spin mother fucker, assholes like you make me want to wretch, you give me the fucking dry heaves like the hangover from hell (and a headache to match w/your ignorance & utterly blatant stupidity).

i encourage all of you to go tell mr. cake boss man just how you feel on the facebook page (link above, hyper linked) and let him know that his half ass ‘apology’ isn’t good enough and tell him right were he can stick it.  we are not amused and your ‘oh i was just jokin der hur hur’ apology doesn’t cut it and definitely isn’t reading sincere or like you’re SORRY for jack shit, what you’re really sorry for is that you embarrassed your worthless hide and made the show look like a show run by jack asses…which, fact being that it clearly is, job well done ass wipe!

also, be sure to go to Carmen’s page and tell her how much you appreciate her and give her hugs because she had to endure this bullshit which she SO did NOT deserve.  *HUGS FOR CARMEN!* ❤ stay strong chica, your T community and your fans all LOVE YOU! ❤


take a min to tell ‘cake boss’ what you think of how they treat the T community June 12, 2012

friends, I come to you today to ask that you help spread the word about this very unfortunate incident involving a show on TLC called ‘cake boss‘ (i honestly have no idea what that is, nor do i care to find out after the shit they pulled), who had our girl Carmen Carrera on an episode and said they would use the proper and respectful terms to describe her and then blatantly threw in a ‘whoa thats a MAN’ moment…WTF people, where do you get off?

The incident reasonably upset poor Carmen, apparently made her cry even (poor girl, i would too), and i ask that you sign the petition along w/me to send them a message that this sort of behavior is shamefully wrong and that they should publically apologize for this bullshit because it is NOT ok.

You think its FUN being born into the wrong body fuckers? you think its FUN to make fun of trans individuals & people w/GID? you have no heart!  people w/this problem frequently commit suicide because they just can’t COPE with the way society treats us like circus freaks, we are NOT some side show attraction for you to gawk at people, we are REAL people just like you, w/REAL emotions and the shit you pull frankly is so incredibly hurtful sometimes that you’re luck trans people are largely non-violent unless they’re actively being threatened at the moment because i’d hate to see what would happen if we weren’t.

If Carmen walked down the street, and you had no familiarity w/Rupaul’s drag race, or who Carmen was, you WOULD NOT be able to clock that! that is an unclockable, 100% passable piece of hot female right there! and you had no right to call her out like that on public television of ALL places you scum.

thats my two cents on the subject, Carmen honey I’m sorry you had to go through that, its not right and I sincerely hope they publicly apologize like they should.  *hugs* stay strong girl! much love to you & all my trans sisters & bros.

PS- HAPPY FUCKIN PRIDE MONTH *RAINBOW CONFETTI* go out there and get you some! (some booze, some hot ass, some partyin it up, whatever you want, its pride and its a month long mardi gras ALL OVER the country! WOOO!…someone slam some tequila for me since i can’t drink 😉 LOL)


Trailer for Ep. 1.2 of LABN Queer Duck August 9, 2011

This week on LABN we’re reviewing Queer Duck! here’s the trailer:



LABN & VITAMIN GAY August 6, 2011

Because my show is mostly queer culture based (mostly) and because I’m folding VITAMIN GAY into it as an independent Vlog segment of the show, I figured I’d share with those of you who read this blog, the first episode of my web show ‘Lets All Be Neurotic’ Hope you like it, please be sure to comment & tell me what you think. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!



Portland Gay Pride Pageant 2011 Live Footage June 14, 2011

Welcome to the video footage portion of my Portland Gay Pride Pageant 2011 coverage.  The clips aren’t the highest quality, and at times the angle is a lil off, sometimes there is a bit of shakey came due to the  need to adjust the framing and/or tripod.  So far all my friends have been pleased w/the footage despite its flaws (I appreciate the love guys *muah*) hopefully by next year I’ll have access to better equipment (hey, I can be optimistic can’t I).
Anyway we’ve got the Opening number ‘Busted’ performed by the 2010 Gay Prides, coverage of the Swim Wear competition (only category that wasn’t disjointed, so its the only one I got on film as I was specifically conscripted by my friend Ryval to film the step downs, so I wanted to ensure I had battery & memory card life for that), we have all four dedication performances, performed by Syrin Scities, Allie McQueen, Shannon Theology & Chance DeVelmont respectively.  Last, but certainly not least, the step down videos of the Gay Prides of 2010, my friends Isaiah Tilman, Diva Debauchery, Ryval Theology Darkholme & Ecstasy Inferno *LOVE*, followed by the crowning ceremony for the new Gay Prides of 2011.
I hope you all enjoy the coverage, despite its many flaws.  Despite its flaws I think we really captured the mood & atmosphere of the crowd, and that was what was most important to me.  Much love to all *HUGS*

Intro performed by last year’s Gay Prides: Isaiah, Diva, Ryval and Ecstasy!

Category Swim Wear (meet the candidates that competed for this years titles)

Krystal Lynn Benoit’s Talent Number

Ruby Riot’s Talent Number

Syrin Scities performing her dedication to Isaiah Tilman, Mr. Gay Prid XIII #1

Allie McQueen performing her dedication to Diva Debauchery, Ms. Gay Pride 2010

Shannon Theology performing her dedication to her partner Ryval Theology Darkholme, Mr. Gay Pride XIII #2, our first transgendered Mr. Gay Pride

Chance DeVelmont & his dance crew performing their dedication to Ecstasy Inferno, Miss Gay Pride 2010

Isaiah’s Step Down/Final Walk

Diva Debauchery’s Step Down/Final Walk

Ryval Theology’s Step Down/Final Walk (dedicated to his trans brothers & sisters everywhere)

Ecstasy Inferno’s Step Down/Final walk (dedicated to all those lost in the LGBT community in the last year)

The Crowning of the winners of this year’s pride pageant!

I’d like to take the opportunity to once again congratulate our new Gay Prides of 2011:
Mr. Tod Allen
Miss Tokyo Drift Valentine and
Ms. Sheniqua Volt
Lead with dignity my friends *muah* can’t wait to see what the three of you have in store for the community in the coming year *HUGS & LOVE*
Hope you enjoyed another installment of VITAMIN GAY- PRIDE EDITION!!!


Queer Duck May 23, 2011

OK, as promised, here is a brief blog for your Sunday dose of VITAMIN GAY!

Queer Duck was a series of cartoon briefs that originally started out on, it was later adopted by cable TV channel Showtime in 2002* where it was shown as a cartoon short after the series ‘Queer as Folk‘ (the American version).  There are 20 shorts and one 72min. full length movie, which I have but haven’t watched yet.  I never saw it on TV and I could only find the movie for download but not the series, however, I did find all 20 episodes posted by various users on youtube and I am compiling them as a seed file which, once on the piratebay, I will link to so that you too can enjoy these shorts whether you have showtime or NOT!
A couple random facts about the show, Rupaul did the vocals for theme song, not many people know this because they didn’t add feminization to the vocal track like they do with most of Ru’s music.  The voice cast included more than one voice actor from the show Futurama; actors Billy West and Maruice LaMarche, (who many of you best know as Brain from the 90’s hit show ‘Animaniacs’) as well as Estelle Harris who is best known for her role in Seinfeld (I however, best know her as the voice of Lula the sword on ‘Dave the Barbarian’* and other voice over work, she is one of my favorite female voice over artists).  One more random bit of trivia is that the characters Queer Duck and Openly Gaytor’s real names are Adam & Steve, this comes up only once in the episode where the two get married (making a joke out of one of the religious establishments most common arguments about gay marriage ‘Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve’).
If you haven’t heard of this show I HIGHLY recommend it, all the episodes run between 2 and 4 minutes (including beginning and end credits) and are really amusing.  Below is a clip from the full length video that I stumbled upon the other night.  Enjoy! once I have the series available for download via torrent I’ll post a link here.

*I apologize if sometimes my cultural references and/or revelations may seem a little bit dated from time to time, I am somewhat disconnected from the ‘mainstream’ and I also like to see how long things last rather than jumping on the latest fad bandwagon.
*Dave the Barbarian is a show that I will talk about later when I get around to doing a long segment (or multi post segment most likely) on shows (particularly shows from the 90’s and early 2000’s) that have been ridiculed because the conduct of one or more characters was ‘too GAY’ OH NOES!