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little cinderella boy… June 10, 2012

so I’ve been kicking around the idea of writing a children’s book for some time now, several years, and I’m finally getting around to sitting down and hashing out like actual details and such.  It would be fully written and illustrated by myself and would be basically a simplified & slightly altered (altering some of the more traumatic life instances to be something a lil less nightmarish, don’t want the poor kids to have bad dreams on my part…so instead of being beaten up for wearing dads clothes I’ll think of something a bit less traumatizing to put in…was grounded or something ya know) story of my life.  I think it would be good to have some children story appropriate material to read to children on issues like being trans, it would help them be better adjusted toward dealing with encountering the concept of transexuality & intersex people later in life.

the reason I have mostly settled on the title ‘little cinderella boy’ is because I had a very cinderella sort of experience growing up…I had to do 3/4s of the household chores, anything that went wrong was some how my fault (those of you who have read the cross over posts from WTMC- welcome to my cell- know what i’m talking about) etc and so forth, and I eventually ran away and found my handsome prince who took me away from it all.  Its also, in its own way, my effort in the ‘it gets better’ project (which given the social backlash currently prevalent in our society of late, I think is a good thing to have around as a reminder that YES things SUCK, but it will get better, the impossible takes a little time as they say).

I’ll share some preliminary sketches once I’ve got them and I’m still working on the language of the book…i can’t decide whether to refer to my past (childhood) self in the male or female pronoun, its a little hard to hammer out and i’m concerned that using the male pronoun w/the pictures of the ‘little girl’ might get confusing, both for the kid and for the reader (if that makes any sense), anyone have any thoughts? I want it to be easily comprehended.

sorry this post is over a day late, depression is something i have chronic issues with (as well as other psych problems) and I kept getting side tracked and forgetting to sit down and hammer this out real quick.  If you have any thoughts or input leme know.  Cheers!